Homosexual America: Hypocritical about Hypocrisy

The Mormons did it. Blame them.

When the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came openly encouraged members to support Proposition 8 in California, I expected there would be some anger at the Church for doing so. But I didn’t expect this.

Mormons steal civil rights.

Or this.

LDS LAPD officer describes protests at the LA Temple.

The homosexual community is acting as if Mormons did something illegal, and as if we are solely responsible for the passage of Proposition 8.In truth, the Mormon electorate in California consists of about 250,000 individuals, while Proposition 8 passed by a margin of about 500,000. So, basically, even if every Mormon in California had stayed home, Proposition 8 still would have passed. Why, then, are Mormons specifically being targeted?

Well, the first reason is that, as the video I posted states, Mormons are responsible for raising about $20 million for the Proposition 8 campaign. This is largely because leaders of the Church specifically asked members to vote for Proposition 8 and donate money to the cause. However, contrary to what opponents are implying, the Church itself did not donate any money.

Liberals are insisting that the Church broke the non-existent “separation of church and state” clause of the Constitution, and there are initiatives in motion trying to bereave the Church of its tax-exempt status. However, the Church did not lobby for any political platform; the Church merely took a stand on a social issue. If you tell a church that it cannot take a stand on a controversial moral issue, you are telling it that it cannot be a church. And where are the people trying to annul the tax-exempt status of the Jews and Episcopalians who officially opposed Proposition 8?

When you look at the exit polls, it is clear that, if you were to credit one particular group with the passage of Proposition 8, that would have to be the black Protestants, and not the Mormons. But why are there no picketers in front of black Protestant churches? It’s because blacks are now off-limits…but Mormons are not.

Mormons are the very embodiment of everything liberal America hates. They are only happy to have an excuse to attack us.

Most of the remarks made by homosexual activist groups consist of, “How could Mormons, having such a history of persecution, be so hypocritical as to turn around and persecute gays and lesbians?”

Well, people, blaming a minority group for all of your problems when their actual influence is marginal constitutes the very heart and soul of bigotry. Well done, homosexual America: You have proven that you are just as capable as everyone else of being shallow, vindictive, intellectually lazy, and, yes, hypocritical. And here we were starting to think of you as downtrodden martyrs.

When the fundie Baptists come (as they always do) to picket the LDS General Conference and tell all the Mormon women they are whores, I wonder how they will react when the crazy homosexual groups show up to do the same thing. That will certainly be interesting.

But, all of this said, if the homosexual community wants to continue blaming the Mormons for the passage of Proposition 8, they can go right ahead. Supporting Proposition 8 was the right thing to do, and if they want to give us all the credit, we’re not complaining.