Idea for the Editors: Approving first diaries before posting them

As RedState grows more popular, more users are posting diaries without following the rules. (Hey! Follow the rules, will ya, goshdarnit!) The diaries are too short, or don’t contain analysis, or are weak attempts to imitate the hillion jillion RonBot conspiracy-theorist “it’s those dang Jooooooooz!” diaries posted here during the Republican primaries.

Naturally, we’re all annoyed to see good diaries get pushed down and ignored. It’s also annoying just to sort through more chaff to get to the wheat. And if it’s harder to find the good diaries, it’s harder for RedState to promote the best ideas of its readers.

So how about the Editors’ approving a user’s first diary before allowing it to be posted on the site?

I know this constitutes extra effort for the Editors, and, for all I know (Neil?), it’s too difficult to change the way the website works in order to make this happen.

But it sure would be nice.

Thanks for the consideration.

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