3AM Text Message Results From Obama's Bungled First 3AM Call

Republicans got the rarest of 3 a.m. phone calls this morning: One that contains good news.

The problems of Joe Biden as a candidate have already been well documented at RedState. He is the sound bite that doesn’t stop giving. Ads are already prepared with Biden pointing out the need for Obama to have on the job training.

But for a candidate that has generally followed Bill Clinton’s 1992 election playbook very well, he seems to have whiffed pretty badly with this pick. Clinton kept to one simple message: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Over the last couple of weeks, Obama’s campaign message has seemed to drift, and with the Russian’s invading and occupying Georgia, the distant threat of a new cold war has become reality. Mugging for cameras on foreign soil proclaiming that all the world would have a collective hug if only he were elected president suddenly seemed to expose a lack of depth in Obama’s foreign policy, and that the world really is a complex and dangerous place.

McCain reacted quickly upon hearing about the Russian actions. Obama continued his beach vacation, indicating that he needed to say nothing about the atrocity and escalation of worldwide tensions. After all, he had only been playing president in Europe a couple of week’s prior. There was an actual President who had to deal with the icky stuff, one whom Obama could then surely criticize for whatever actions he did or did not take.

Thus, Obama sat on the beach, and did nothing.

The polls, however, didn’t react well. And much like the Clintons of the 1990’s, Obama is a poll driven animal. He had just had a 3 a.m. call, and he slept through it.

So, Obama had to pick a V.P. that could shore up and take care of this whole “foreign policy” nonsense. Biden will do. He’s clean and articulate. He can add some fancy words like “partition” to our surrender now, surrender everywhere strategy. Besides, he can help with other minority voters at home, since he seems to hang out with some of these folks down at the 7-11.

So in choosing Joe Biden, Obama is over-reacting to his failure to react to a crisis that occurred during his vacation. In doing so, he has changed the debate from “It’s the economy, stupid” to “Foreign Policy Matters”. The only problem with that is, both Obama and Biden have been consistently wrong on all the major issues of the day. Their continued refusal to admit that the surge has worked demonstrates that these would be emperors have no clothes. More importantly, it puts the debate back into the realm that McCain has the advantage.

Advantage, McCain