Tancredo Rally Notes - 10/29

Just returned from a Tom Tancredo rally in Longmont, CO. Note that Longmont is in Boulder County, one of the few places left where there are still plenty of Obama ’08 bumper stickers.

The rally was held at the VFW hall on Main. There were about 60 people seated and twice that many again standing around the walls. To put this in context, we’ve had about 75 people total at each of the 2 Ken Buck rallies I’ve attended.

Tom spoke for nearly a half hour. He was personable, amiable and well informed. He talked about how he first got in to politics. He talked about how he has always been the same guy, and will continue to be the same guy as Governor. The crowd was clearly excited.

Tom’s campaign has the feel of a 2 minute, hurry up offense. We were told that donations made online today would be playing back as ads this weekend. They are buying media by the day.

There is a debate tonight, and Tom shared a fun anecdote. The Hickenlooper campaign sent out requested rules which included the following: Tom may not ask Hickenlooper questions, and Tom may not look at Hickenlooper. Don’t look at me? Seriously?

Tom has all the momentum in this race, but it’s going to be tight. Could be that one of 2010’s biggest upsets is in the making.