Pilfering the Dead: Barack Obama at the Pulpit of the Vermont Avenue Baptist Church

It has been said that death is a sweet release from the many struggles of this world. While this is most certainly true for most, it does not release some that have passed from here to the great beyond from being shaken down for their last remaining earthly valuables.

As my desire is to see America survive into the future, I speak at length about the great divide between conservatives and the modern day liberal. I talk about the destructive nature of Barack Obama’s socialism when implemented within a free market capitalist society. People are starting to get that one. The issue of the socialist anti-American stance also becomes of paramount importance when the country must stand and not only rebuke our enemies, but defeat them with unquestionable force. Here again, the divide between how conservatives move forward with action to address those who would kill us versus the modern day liberal are clear, with the fruits of this administration’s game plan to defend the homeland being truly dipped in American blood.

If America is to truly awaken from its apathetic malaise and self-imposed restraints of the national “choker chain” of political correctness, it will most likely take the most egregious of violations of decency to shock the needed numbers into action. With that in mind, let’s look at how liberals pilfer the dead.

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