The Path to Victory

What do we do now? That is the question that is building up like a tidal wave from a nation that finds itself at the precipice of national self destruction. The nation is slowly coming out of a deep, fitful, medicated sleep of apathy, brought about in part by the public’s ingestion of the socialistic narcotic of Barack Obama’s “yes, we can” philosophy, with all its negative side effects. I have pondered what might have been the thoughts of those sleeping aboard the fated Titanic as it began its descent to the ocean’s floor. Think about waking up from a sound sleep to feel cold water rapidly rising around you and not know why it was happening or what to do next. Think of the growing thoughts of doom and helplessness as options disappear as fast as the rising water. If you can grasp in your mind the cold feeling of helplessness and the dark embrace of impending doom of the Titanic catastrophe, then you can certainly identify with the current mindset of this country. Yes, for the first time in a long time, the nation itself is recognizing its own mortality as it watches itself plunge into the abyss. The echo across the land is like that of a canon, but despite the glaring volume, it’s the same question that always springs forth from those in dire straits, “what do we do now?”

The way to the survival of this country is as simple as it is obvious; however, to illuminate the path, let me remove some of the most obscuring obstacles that serve to misdirect us. First, we must understand that the terrible state this country is in is not simply the product of the skewed leadership of Barack Obama. Yes, it is most likely an understatement to simply say that Barack Obama has made a bad situation worse within this country. It is probably also an understatement to say that Barack Obama will replace Jimmy Carter as the worst U.S. President of modern time, but to focus any more energy here is to stray from where you and I – this country – will find the answers of importance, the answers we need.

We often think that the path to victory is found in securing our economic future, or to maintain our defenses against the radicals around the world that wish to destroy us. These are no doubt important pursuits, but in struggling to address these issues, we often find ourselves wandering further and further from that which is most important. It is in these dark days that Americans should remember what has brought this country riches more precious than gold, and security beyond what can ever be acquired at the end of a weapon. America’s bounty comes from the endless blessings of the Lord. As the idea of the “American Dream” has traveled around the planet, it is nothing short of a living example of God’s wondrous gift of prosperity to our country. The record of America’s defense of its people, even in the face of some of the world’s most dangerous foes, has been nothing more than the validation of the age old truth that “when God stands with a nation, who can stand against it?”

Traditionally, Americans have set an example to the world of a country that knows where its true strength comes from, and have been humble in the knowledge of this blessing. That same spirit has made America the most giving country – and the country with the most to give. Those that have wished to paint America in a negative light, to question the righteous majesty by which we are guided, often point to our mistakes. They do this with great effect as America has had many instances in which it has fallen from grace, but despite our low points, we have remained a country that continues to stumble along the path of God’s word toward the city on a hill. That is, until now.

Just as many are awakening to the deceptions of the Obama Administration, this country must open its eyes to the fact that we have deceived ourselves. We have allowed the country to decline to such a state that we find it normal to practice such sacrilegious behavior, like: a) God is too controversial to be placed in the public square, where children are taught, or where this country’s rule of law is exercised, and b) we tolerate, if not promote, the sinful arrogance that man commands the heavens and controls the weather of the planet with the same trivial toys the Lord has placed in our hands. Together we share the responsibility for the loathsome practice of shunning personal accountability and for teaching the demented philosophy that none can fail, while ensuring that all do. How disappointing to the Lord we must be in our ignorance and arrogance.

Plans, budgets, laws, parties, politics, and elections; these are all important things and I spend an abundant amount of time dwelling and debating the entire lot, but, I tell you they are nothing when compared with our relationship with the almighty living God. For a nation that feels lost, it feels so because it is. So, what do we do now? I would hope for the poor soul that found himself in the rising waters of the Titanic what I hope for America today as it finds itself drowning in the waters of moral relativism and religious defiance. To survive as a nation, to prosper again, we must fall to our knees in humble recognition that we have lost our way and request forgiveness and guidance. This is the path to victory.

Paul A. Ibbetson is a former Chief of Police of Cherryvale, Kansas, and member of the Montgomery County Drug Task Force. Paul received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Criminal Justice at Wichita State University, and is currently completing his PhD. in sociology at Kansas State University. Paul is the author of the books Living Under The Patriot Act: Educating A Society and Feeding Lions: Sharing The Conservative Philosophy In A Politically Hostile World. Paul is also the radio host of the Kansas Broadcasting Association’s 2008 and 2009 Entertainment Program of the Year, Conscience of Kansas airing on KSDB Manhattan 91.9 f.m. www.ibbetsonusa.com. For interviews or questions, please contact [email protected]

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