Building Bloc's.... for Republican's

The following is a mission statement or preamble I wrote for a Conservative Voting Bloc. It outlines simple concepts that I believe will empower the average taxpayer and reinvent the Republican Party.

In order to preserve our God given Liberties, We  Pledge Allegiance to our Constitution as the Foundation upon which all our Freedoms reside, and  do hereby commit to protect and uphold it against all enemies, domestic and foreign.
To enhance this Pledge, we agree to enter into a Conservative Voting Bloc within the Republican Party, which will Restore Power back to the Common Citizen, and using Conservative Values we will direct the agenda for our Elected Leaders in Traditional Governance.
This Conservative Voting Bloc will be a Solutions Based Forum, that will allow Members to address current issues and formulate Common Sense Solutions, to be approved by a Majority Vote and then Presented with a Unified Voice, to our Elected Leaders as The People’s Agenda.
This Voting Bloc will also rate our Elected  Leaders based on Conservative Principles and their willingness to Implement the People’s Agenda, and will  Encourage the Top Ten Leaders to become Presidential Candidates for the Republican Party.

The following are some Questions and Answers, which should add clarity to the Bloc concept.

What is a “Conservative Voting Bloc?”

A unified group of Conservative individuals within the Republican Party committed to voting identically on any given issue, in order to maximize its impact.

Who can become a member of the “Voting Bloc?”

The voting bloc will be comprised of registered Republicans willing to sign a pledge of allegiance to the Constitution and conservative principles, which will be determined by bloc members.

Why create a “Voting Bloc?”

To define conservatism and to pool individual votes into one powerful voice.

Will I be required to vote “identically” with the Bloc in every election?

Not necessarily. How you vote in the voting booth on election day is ultimately your business. However, the strength of the bloc will be determined by individuals committed to unity and a willingness to give and take, in order to further the over-all conservative movement.

What does the term, “Restore Power to the Common Citizen” mean?

It means reducing power inside the Beltway or State Capitals by allowing the average taxpaying bloc member to direct political agendas.

What are “Conservative Values” and who decides them?

Conservative values are principles set forth by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and past leaders such as the Founding Fathers, that ensure individual freedoms and limited government. Conservative values will be suggested, debated and ratified by bloc members, and may include such things as; moral conduct codes for elected leaders, border security, amnesty, national security, balanced budgets and educational standards, to name a few. Elected officials will be asked to voluntarily sign and adhere to these values as they serve the people in their respective offices. Adhering to these standards will result in a higher rating, while deviating from these standards will result in a lower rating from the voting bloc.

What is meant by the term “Traditional Governance?”

This means requiring all three branches of the government to abide by and within the parameters of the Constitution. The same principle shall apply to State and Local governments.

What is a “Solutions Based Forum?”

A solutions based forum will be a website where members in good standing can present ideas to improve or reduce government, benefit society, strengthen America, and protect and enhance humanity. Submitted ideas and suggestions will be open to debate by all members willing to participate and once ideas or suggestions are refined and perfected, they will be voted on. Solutions receiving a majority vote will become part of the voting blocs platform, to be submitted to elected leaders holding office as the Peoples Agenda.

What defines “A member in good standing?”

A member that is a registered Republican, that has signed the Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution and to the Conservative Voting Bloc, and thereby committed themselves to vote in good faith to support the issues receiving a majority vote by the bloc, and has paid a minimal fee to sustain a solutions based website, it’s administrators and staff.

Can Republicans that aren’t members of the voting bloc participate?

Any registered Republican can suggest solutions or comment on solutions offered, but only members in good standing, can vote to improve or pass a solution.

What is a “Common Sense Solution?”

Any solution that is put forth by Common Citizens and approved by a majority vote within the block. Ideally, these solutions should be passed into law without being amended inside the Beltway. However, if our Republican Representatives don‘t control both Houses of Congress, some compromises should be expected.

Who is a “Common Citizen?”

Any legal resident with the right to vote, that isn’t an elected official.

What is a “Majority Vote?”

Any vote that is over fifty percent of the voting bloc membership.

What if I vote against a proposed measure, but the majority votes for it?

As a free individual, you would retain the right to oppose the measure, but as a Conservative Voting Bloc member, your allegiance to the principles of a unified voice would hopefully persuade you to support the bloc majority.

What does it mean “Presented with a Unified Voice?”

Voter approved Solutions would be symbolically presented to our elected officials as the will of the bloc membership. The term ‘Unified Voice,’ would indicate to the official(s) that his job depends on fulfilling it.

Why is the “Peoples Agenda” important?

Because Washington has proven that it cannot lead without first being influenced by lobbyist and special interest. The peoples agenda will reflect the desires of the common citizenry and ultimately serve the country as a whole.

How will the voting bloc “Rate” our leaders?

First, by their voluntary signing of our pledge to abide by conservative principles and second, by their willingness and ability to implement our agenda.

Can we rate a leader that’s not within our state?

Yes! Any voting bloc member can and will be encouraged to comment on both good and bad traits of all Republican leaders nationwide.

Why would the voting bloc “Encourage the top ten leaders to become Presidential candidates?”

To provide a prescreening before the election cycle starts and to create a pool of qualified conservative contenders without the bias of the mainstream media.

Could individuals outside of this pool run for President?

Absolutely. But they would likely run without the support of the voting bloc.