Reclaiming the Republican Party

The Founding Fathers were inspired by a divine belief in personal freedoms, which we are now losing as the country plunges towards socialism. Republicans are marginalized because the Party lacks conservative values and leadership to stop this trend. Here’s how Conservatives like you and me can transform and invigorate the party, and demand a limited, responsive, fiscally conservative government.

Conservatives will create an internet forum, open to all unelected registered Republicans to define conservative values and standards, identify bureaucratic inefficiencies and deficiencies, and to recommend common sense solutions for resolving them. Solutions receiving a majority vote by the membership (voting bloc) will be delivered to our elected leaders, as the Peoples Agenda, who will then work within the confines of their elected office(s) to implement these policies to the best of their abilities.

This forum will also rate our leaders based on job performance. Leaders failing to maintain our conservative standards can be identified for replacement, while those receiving the highest ratings would be encouraged to remain in office or run for higher office, including the Presidency of the United States. The forum will provide an opportunity for all leaders and candidates to make platform statements based on membership approved questions. An annual nationwide online vote would rank leaders, without media bias, who would then enter election primaries as partially vetted candidates.

The primary goal of this forum should be to create a lasting organization that empowers the average individual. Secondary goals should be to pool collective wisdom from outside the Beltway to solve governmental problems and rate our elected officials, all within the guidelines of state and national Constitutions.

Today, we have a choice. Will we, as Conservatives, sit idly by with our party in disarray, or will we utilize 21st Century technologies to become Keyboard Patriots with a unified voice? Will we continue to let maverick RINO leaders define the GOP and dilute conservatism, according to their individual whims? Or will we define those standards by becoming the rightful owners of our party, as it should be?

This isn’t just about our kids and grandkids losing their freedoms, it‘s about us making history by losing ours first. We can sit back and whine about current events, or we can rise to the occasion by becoming Saving Sons and Daughters of our Constitution, all without touching a pitchfork.

Tea, anyone?