Interesting developement in NE-SEN

Not only did we get a visit by Romney in Omaha today, but another endorsement in the race.

While this endorsement will mean more locally than nationally, when your state only has three Congressional Reprensentatives, it becomes a big deal when a Congressman makes an endorsement in the primary for the Senate race.  Congressman Fortenberry, NE-1, endorsed Deb Fischer this afternoon in the Republican primary.  Makes for a nice pair of late endorsements for Deb, between Sarah Palin and Jeff Fortenberry.  Will certainly be an interesting five days before the primary next Tuesday.  Should be interesting to see if any of the other state elected officials decide to endorse.

In other news from Nebraska, hatchet man Kerrey decided to endorse same-sex marriage today.  This could easily seal his doom in the fall.  Nebraska may be ‘populist’ at times, but it’s very socially conservative on the whole.  I have a feeling that announcement is not going to play well here in the fall.

Can’t wait for next Tuesday, to see the end of what has been a very interesting primary season.