Idlings from a Conservative Christian

There have been a few things that have got me thinking here in the last couple of weeks, and I’d like to share the thoughts with those here at RedState.

First, I want to start off by saying that I’m not someone that has a tendency to believe every crackpot theory out there.  (I don’t believe in either birferism or truferism… I think they both get taken too far by the believers, and ultimately don’t lead anywhere good.)  And you’re thinking, ‘sure, just saying that to butter me up, so that when ‘crackpot’ hits my head, you’ve got a way out.’  Maybe… just maybe.  😀

I only say that so you know who I am.  I grew up in Nebraska, spent the majority of my adult years here, with a 2 year stint in Kansas for law school (yes, sadly, I knew of Phelps and WBC before most Americans had any inkling.. *sigh*), and I learned my Conservative values from small-town folks and from Ronald Reagan, my political idol.

I have held political positions (if you can call them that) in the various educational institutions that I received degrees from.  I have taken CW’s message to heart, and have already sent off one email to find out how to become a Precinct Committeeman here.

I even knew, when Moe put it out there, what the Society for Creative Anachronism was.  Had several friends that participated pretty heavily in my college days, and I had the good fortune to attend a couple different events.

I play video games, I am a WoW’er, I enjoy many different sports (primarily college football and NASCAR – go Huskers, and go Ryan Newman!), practice out of my own real estate law firm, and have a beautiful wife and 2 of the funniest, best kids I could have asked the Good Lord for.

Now, to the topic of the title, now that I’ve given you a little bit of a rundown.  I am, first and foremost in my life, a Christian.  I am a United Methodist, but don’t agree with many of the church teachings.  But one of the great things about the Methodist church is that it focuses more around the local church, rather than central doctrine.  I am a strong believer in the ten commandments, in what is sin, and boldly stating my love for God and Christ.  I am a very strong believer in love thy God with all thy heart, soul and mind, and also in love thy neighbor as thyself.  I am also a strong believer in making sure people understand what the Bible says, and what it deems as sin, and helping those who have sinned to not do so again.  Because of these things, I’m a fiscal and social Conservative.  I am a member of the church choir, we attend on a weekly basis, practice Christianity in the home, and we have a family prayer time before bedtime.  I am also a studier of Revelation, and have read the entire Left Behind series.  I am an adherent to most of the analysis of Tim LaHaye, and have read many different books, not just his, on Revelation, and how the prophecies are interpreted.  Got into a brief, but good discussion with my head pastor over this, and his beliefs from Revelation, which are different.

There’s a fantastic album that the publishers of the Left Behind series put out, called ‘People Get Ready’.  All the songs are about the second coming of Christ.  There’s one in there that is especially apt to my way of thinking about a few things I’ve seen here recently.  The Impressions have a song called, appropriately enough, ‘People Get Ready’, that is on the album.  For anyone that’s a fan of singing quartet/group music from the 50s and 60s, that’s the style of this song.  ‘People Get Ready, there’s a train a comin’…’

There have been articles written (and I saw one posted by a group I’m a fan of on Facebook today, and I really like the group) that talked about one specific section of the Reconciliation package.  Specifically the part about Class II medical devices.  The article goes into analysis of what I’ll term as ‘biochips’, though the article had a more technical term.  I’m not a believer that these being implanted would be the ‘Mark of the Beast’, and that’s not what this is about.  To be plain, I think the Mark will be much plainer than that.  I think it will be a very obvious symbol.

No, what I really want to get across, what intrigues me, and frightens me a tad as well, is the whole piece with Israel.  My thought, when I originally heard about it, was that we couldn’t be that naive, to push away our only true ally like that.  I should absolutely KNOW better than that by now.  What caused me even more concern was when I heard about the diversion of military resources.  That’s also when many different theories on what kind of game Obama was playing with Israel.

If things continue, and I think there’s a good chance they could, down this road, my fear is that of everybody’s:  that Iran will attack Israel, and attempt to wipe her off the face of the Earth.  Make no mistake, I don’t think that CAN happen.  Not that they wouldn’t try.  But with the times we’re in, I’m a strong believer that SOMETHING will happen with Israel.  It’ll be a strong signal.  That’s not to say we’ll still have any idea how long it’ll be before Christ returns, but that it’ll be a signal that it’s close.  That something will likely be in the way of an attack, and an attack hard enough that the only thing that CAN save them is God’s intervention.

Again, I’m not a crackpot or loon, nor do I play one on TV or radio.  😀  I’m just trying to call this as it seems to come to me.  In some ways… it felt like my eyes and mind were open to an idea that I just hadn’t seen before.

Anyhow… it comes down to the same message many have said, in different ways, and on different subjects… ‘Keep your eyes open, and be aware and wary.  Because… there’s a train a-comin’…’  🙂  Thanks for listening, my friends, and God bless!