Thought processes from Huskerland

I type this today knowing the following:  (As we all do, but bear with me)

A. The attempt to begin the socialization of health care in this country passed narrowly, on a purely partisan vote to pass it.

B.  Four of five that this State has sent to Washington understand the horrors of this legislation, and worked to stop it, with their votes and their efforts behind the scenes.

C.  One was the deciding vote in passing this travesty on the Senate side, and will be marginalized and ousted in the next election.  If we can get a bill passed to impeach our elected representatives on the national level, maybe earlier.

D.  We move forward.  We elect the right people, and support the right people when they do good.

E.  Probably most importantly, I follow two rules in doing all of this:  1.  I follow God’s commandments in doing all of the above.  I don’t stoop to their level, I make sure that I’m honest and sincere in my beliefs, and I help people to understand who the candidates are that I support.  2.  In doing so… I follow the great quote from Roadhouse:  ‘You’re nice… until it’s time NOT to be nice.’  We aren’t them.  So let’s not play their game.  We play this game on our terms.  It’s the way Conservatives have always played, but we make the Republican party us.  We make sure Republicans know that they play the game our way, that it’s our stage, our time, or they can go home.  We don’t need the squishes to succeed.  We need people willing to stand for values, for principles, for us.  Period.

I am a Christian first and foremost, an American second, and a VERY proud Nebraskan third.  But none is less than the other.  Any attack on our people will be dealt with.  But on OUR terms.  Not theirs.  We don’t the deception, we don’t play the dirty game, and we don’t compromise our values to get there.

Oh… and on a totally unrelated note… the