Two bills to pass Health Care, through reconciliation?

On Laura Ingraham this morning, they had the gentleman on from EWTN (can’t remember his name, but he comes on the show on a regular basis to discuss Washington politics, and I think he’s the gentleman that hosts the political show on that network), and he reported that evidently reports are leaking out from behind the scenes of what the Dems want to do to TRY and get health care passed.

The idea seems so simple.  And the fact that the atmosphere has been amongst many that the bill is dead would give them the perfect chance for shenanigans.  (And I’m sure they’re counting on catching people unaware.)  But the plan basically is this:  Have the House pass the Senate bill.  Then, through reconciliation, craft what was termed as a ‘fix-it’ bill, for both sides to pass that would only need a majority.

If this even has partial legs, it’s something we want to be aware of, and wary of.  Some of you (heck, many of you) may already be aware of this.  And perhaps someone else brought this out, and I missed it.  But I just wanted to throw this out there.  I know it causes me enough concern that even though Backdoor Ben has said he wouldn’t use reconciliation… I wouldn’t put it past him at this point.  And even if he doesn’t, there are others that might.  We need to nip this now, before it gets stronger.

Thanks for listening, folks!