Limitation of Liability - Federal Government Responsibility

I came home from vacation with great expectation last Friday night.  While on vacation, I had a general contractor installing a new wood floor in my townhome.  Instead, he had erred and did not install the dishwater properly.  My kitchen was flooded.  It leaked into my finished basement causing consideration damage.  Of course, I immediately turned off the water to my dishwasher, called my insurer, and a restoration company (which is another story entirely). 

After going through all this, I thought about what if I had done what Obama has done in the gulf.  Why shouldn’t I have capitalized on the crisis?  The insurer wouldn’t have known when I got home.  What if I left the water running to do additional damage?  My gosh, I had a replacement value insurance.  I could have taken full advantage (dishonest of course) of this crisis, and let the water run for hours longer; thus, ensuring my claim.  Of course, I did what was proper and honorable.

I just wonder now about BP.  Okay, they’re responsible, but to what end?  Did the Federal Government act in such a manner to minimize the loss?  That was expected of me, and you.  I don’t think BP is liable for any more than what the Federal Government could have, in a reasonable effort, could have done to mitigate the loss.  Thirteen countries offering aid?  No waiver to the Jones Act?  The Coast Guard holding up deployment of the barges for life jackets?  Please.  If there was a court on earth that could review the actions Obamas’ Administration took, don’t tell me BP is on the hook for the administration gross ineptitude and dishonorable action.  Just like letting the water run in my townhome…..  would I have had a case?