We're Either All a Little Like Eve or a Little like Adam

Somewhere along the way Eve forgot just exactly what God said.  When the serpent questioned her that she should not even ‘touch’ of the fruit, I can imagine her mind racing; wondering for a brief moment if she knew at all what God had commanded.  Caught in her own trap at that point she bit and Adam right behind her. 

In a very real way, we have all bitten of that apple.  At some point along the road, we’ve added things to the message and when confronted we stumble.  It happens when we mix principle, or this case, commandment with our own arrogance or ignorance.   Frankly, I believe Eve was arrogant.  She was not ignorant of what God said…  but arrogant… the whole idea of her talking down to such a lowly creature as a serpent.  Come on now… it was time for her to pile it on…. not just to eat but not to touch!  Look at me! 

Principle and pride doesn’t mix.  Most principles are simple, straightforward, and require no defense.  We have a historical record of the sheer beauty and wonder of our Constitution and a living testament of the wisdom God graciously and abundantly gave to the founding fathers that led to our great Nation. But even with the Constitution, there are those like Eve who have added a little here, trimmed a little there.  There are those serpents (marked by socialism, communism, facism, humanism) that again question, “Really?  Why then pass Medicare?  Social security?  Isn’t it important to care for one another?  What kind of person are you?”  Again, we find ourselves like Eve on the defense and questioning the whole, or like Adam, saying nothing and taking the PC bite.  

What I hope we remember this year is that truth stands alone, regardless of our view of it.  Truth does not require affirmation; but it does rquire our outspoken advocacy.  It reminds me of the bumper sticker that reads:  “God said it, I believe it; that settles It,” as if God requires us to affirm his truth for it to stand.  The sticker should have read, “God said it; that settles it.”  Our display of it is the advocacy.  We need to stand on Constitutional principle and not apologize for the past; not if we are to see the promise of liberty restored as envisaged by our founding fathers, as given by our Creator.   

In 2010, let’s keep the message simple and on target.  And please, please don’t eat of the liberal apple.

It’s our embellishment that becomes the snare.