Beware of the Plot, Part II

I find myself drawn to this diaries section in almost a magical way.  I suppose if Red State had called it a commentary section or opinion section, I probably wouldn’t have reacted the same.  But they called it the diary section, and while I have never maintained a diary, it appealed to me as a place to write my thoughts on what changes I have seen in this world, and my country, since the year of my birth, 1952.  Of course, I have always thought of a dairy as a personal record of the evolution of ones’ experiences and reactions to the events of the day.  Until recently, I just didn’t see the need for one.  Now I do.

I’m no different than most people.  If we believe we have something to say, we would like to believe we can be heard and that an opinion should be heard.   Still if no one reads my posts, I am still the better off for it because a diary is a great place to revisit my thoughts and perhaps more finely tune or expand upon what I personally (re)discover.  Such as my revisit to the post, “Beware of the Plot,” last night.  I thought more about what it is to have an idea.  To me, an idea is but a thought or concept that may or may not come to fruition or into existence.  There is little doubt in my mind that some of the ideas presented by the current administration are clear fiction in their substance:  Health Care Reform, Global warming…  There is nothing historically or scientifically that supports the Government can deliver what is promised in health care and deficit reduction, or that CO2 emissions present the clear and present danger heralded in Copenhagen.  In fact, reality proves the opposite is true:  Government has rarely successfully and economically operated an industry, and there is more evidence today that global warming (climate control) is a fraud.  In retrospect, the Senate passage of health care reform and the Obama position on global warming serve as better examples of the fiction and the plot than did the ‘celebration of diversity’ discussed in yesterdays’ post.  I still believe the ‘celebration of diversity’ as it is represented by the left is a fiction, given the way Ms. Palin was treated and how the Tea Party was characterized.  However, I can celebrate diversity as defined in the Constitution, with all men being equal and having certain inalienable rights.  That is a wonderful ‘idea’ brought to fruition through the blood shed by many Americans during our civil and global conflicts and wars.  But what do we find now? The far-left ‘idea’ of diversity is exposed for what it is, and what most of us can not celebrate: Anti-Constitutional and secular humanism, populated by those who demand protected deviant behaviour, relationships, and ideologies contrary to the democratic vote and rule of law.  With respect to the rule of law, that’s where I applaud the conservative and God-fearing base, but know it is also our greatest challenge and weakness: those who oppose us have no rule.