Beware of the Plot

It has been absolutely mind-boggling to me to reconcile just how far we have devolved as a nation. Of course, some would argue we have evolved as our nation witnesses the expansion of its moral, communal, and global boundries to embrace and celebrate the hope and change of mankind.  But really, what is there to celebrate?  Most of us once in our lifetime had this ‘idea’ of what the world should look like and the role we should come to play in it, but it was only an idea…  even as ‘the celebration of diversity’ itself is only an ‘idea.’ As noble and as wonderful as this ‘idea’ of celebration may appear, as it expands there is less and less individually we come to believe that we really hold in common in ethic, morality, and body politic.  The idealogues who understand and promote the ‘celebration of diversity’ fiction are able to band together, present a united front, and do much more with the resources available to them than the majority who are attempting to ‘politically respect this ‘idea’ through correctness.’  You see the majority of us are merely trying to live our lives really; the notion of living an ‘idea’ has long since passed with our youth.  But there is something about once having had an ‘idea’ that as we look back we find ourselves apologizing for losing our idea, and respecting theirs without really understanding what theirs is.  Fortunately, and by God’s grace, we’re learning what theirs is, and as I said, it is a fiction.  However, the one thing we must learn when reading either fiction or nonfiction is that the human response to each is real, what is false in the one is the plot.  Beware of the plot.