Why I Love Mike Huckabee

Hugh Hewitt had Mike Huckabee on his show recently. I missed it, but read the transcript and found this gem:

HH: Governor, here’s a contradiction in the book, and I read it very closely. On some places like Page 70, you denounce “yuppie greedheads”. Another place, you’re assaulting the management of Halliburton and Home Depot and Pfizer. And then in another place, you’re palling around at the ranch of Chuck Norris, whose done very well in life, and it’s a very funny chapter, by the way. I wish I’d been there when you were filming this commercial. But when is accumulated wealth okay, and when do you find it a reason to denounce someone like a yuppie greedhead? I mean, what’s the difference between a yuppie greedhead and Chuck Norris?

MH: A couple of fists. That’s the big difference.

HH: (laughing)

MH: Now look…

HH: Oh, you’re good, Governor.