The Emerging Picture of Barak Obama

We see- possibly too late- an emerging picture of Barak H. Obama.The picture is of a man committed to changing the Constitution to empower the Courts to determine our rights, instead of defending them.Of a man who is completely willing to run a campaign that engages in massive internet money laundering.Of a man who is committed to the destruction of basic American industries.Of a man who is lowering the threshold at which income taxes are increased on a daily basis.And now we see this:A man who is going to create something America has never had before. A ‘civilian security force’.Not a new police. Not a new anti-terrorist defense. A civilian security force.This can only lead to political police- something America has never had before.Beware, Obamatons. You are enabling the worst thing to have happened to a free people.I bet you his thoughtful inner circle has even come up with a design for the uniforms this new civilian security force will wear.