Lies & Fear—Weapons against Democracy

Last week far-left magazine The New Republic published a deliberately crafted lie by Jonathan Chait, meant to attack conservatives and our Constitution. Or, to be more precise, the Second Amendment.

Americans who value truth in reporting should be disgusted by the false accusations and intentional misuse of language used by Chait, Collins, and Milbank to distort conservative values on national security, gun ownership and terrorism:

Conservatives Discover One Right Accused Terrorists Should Have

But if you’re on the terrorist watch list, your right to own a gun remains inviolate …
The New Republic Senior Editor Jonathan Chait.

There seems to be a strong sentiment in Congress that the only constitutional right suspected terrorists have is the right to bear arms. Yes, if you are on the terrorist watch list, the authorities can keep you from getting on a plane but not from purchasing an AK-47.
The New York Times Op-Ed columnist Gail Collins

Seems …the rest of the gun lobby [anyone who defends the Second Amendment] are fighting for terrorists’ right to buy firearms. Are they so absolute about the Second Amendment that they’d risk national security by fighting for the right of would-be terrorists to own guns? Alarmingly, they are.
The Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank

A “potential” terrorist buying a gun pales in comparison to successfully boarding a plane.  Have they forgotten the immense national tragedies caused by planes, not guns, on 9/11?

That is the material difference between our intensified airline security and gun regulations.

The rule of law, “innocent until proven guilty,” doesn’t factor into their reasoning as they frame their argument. This line of persuasion replaces suspected with accused, meant to imply criminal guilt for inclusion on a list.

Gail Collins buries these facts until the end:

The terrorist watch list is huge, and some of the names on it are undoubtedly there in error. The bill would allow anyone denied the right to purchase a firearm an appeal process …

Jihadists hell bent on destruction or boarding planes to escape should not affect our due process rights. After all, even the Obama Administration agrees that owning a gun and massacring citizens doesn’t make you a terrorist:

A White House official says that the Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, FBI and other members of the intelligence community are “assessing and gathering facts about the shooting. Because this is early in this event we cannot – at this time – confirm motives behind these shootings.”

Changing the focus of our domestic War on Terror may delay their tactics, but will not alter their strategy: terrorism by ANY means. God forbid car bombs, suicide belts, or IED’s become the norm in America.

If these watch lists are so critical to our national security that they should be used as a basis for denying gun ownership, as Chait, Collins, and Milbank contend, then our government should begin by getting these people off the streets. These writers should be targeting the walking unknown and immigration and visa violators, not helping terrorists foment the fear against our constitutional—and God-given—rights.


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