"Left[ists] Turn ...Immediately!" Stop Buying Obama's Measure of Success


If the smoldering Times Square car bomb is President Obama’s measure of success, what would constitute a failure?  

A mushroom cloud over New York?


Sucess, to Obama, is the measure of reaction and response to the incident, after the fact. And it’s eerily similiar to how he responds to other national crisis.  

 DOD reports from their website:

Obama praised citizens’ vigilance in reporting suspicious activity to authorities, and quick-responding state and federal officials who helped avert a potential disaster.

 It is time for this administration to raise the bar on itself.  Preventing the terrorist from leaving the runway on his way out of the country isn’t crime prevention.

During the press conference, Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano touted the arrestof Shahzad aboard a Dubai-bound flight Monday night as a successand a testament to interagency cooperation.  

The passengers on-board that Emirates Flight would agree. 

“I have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately so make the left turn when able,” says the controller. 



 Thank God the Times Square Terrorist wasn’t packing a bomb on the flight. Would we have had to depend on a vigilant citizen to disarm his shoe/crotch/beard/anal bomb to avert further disaster? Remember– they can claim sharia law to exempt themselves from body scans.

We don’t need to live in New York or be aboard the same plane with the escaping terrorist to know that the Time Square terrorist attack was a complete and utter failure on the part of this administration to PREVENT terrorism on the Homeland. 

The only saving grace, once again, was from incompetence, NOT proactive law enforcement or Homeland security measures.  

Lest we forget, this is what happens when the bomb actually goes off:


Federal Governments Failure to "Prevent Terrorism"

Timothy McVeigh walked away from his car bomb, too.

We must always support the dedication & hard work of our law enforcement professionals, but let’s be honest about reporting the facts.

It’s time for the Left to make their turn:  Stop misrepresenting, stop giving this Administration a pass, stop preventing law enforcement from doing their job utilizing all available resources, techniques and experience when it comes to executing the War on Terror.


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