Why There is No Longer a "War on Terror" -- It's Jihad, a Just War

Dropped by the wayside, while the Obama Administration pretends to deal with the Arizona Immigration Law, the Deep Horizon Oil Spill, Cap and Trade and convincing Americans socialized healthcare is good for them, is the ongoing War on Terror.

Just as he attempts to redefine the issues that affect America’s national security and economic stability, one has to ask, has President Obama successfully redefined the War on Terror?

The following are highlights of the words President Obama has used in his attempt to redefine the War on Terror to a Just War for the jihadist:

11/09/2009 – Obama Wins the Noble Peace Prize 

11/25/2009 – Mullah Omar’smessage: “In Celebration of Eid alAdha” 

“To the heroic protective mujahideen in the trenches:”
   “…in the affairs of Jihad, and be aware to reserve the general property and especially during your operations, and focus on the martyrdom operations against the occupying enemies and their cooperatives, and their important interests, and avoiding the general public when killing and injuring is the responsibility of every believers, because targeting the general public with killing and wounding is a prohibited matter in Sharia—in any condition—and it is a matter which our Hanif faith doesn’t condone at all.”

12/02/2009 – Obama’s Address on the War in Afghanistan

 “As we know, these men belonged to al Qaeda — a group of extremists who have distorted and defiled Islam, one of the world’s great religions, to justify the slaughter of innocents.”

12/11/2009 – Obama’s Nobel Remarks*

“[N]o Holy War can ever be a just war. For if you truly believe that you are carrying out divine will, then there is no need for restraint — no need to spare the pregnant mother, or the medic, or the Red Cross worker, or even a person of one’s own faith.” 

*it’s important to note how mid-speech, “you” appears to be directed, not toward the audience, but the jihadists themselves.  

Translation:  Keep the killing isolated to soldiers. You are not extremists, but jihadists waging a Just War, if only you will abide by a Just War Doctrine. 

Obama’s Just War Doctrine? 

You decide.


Let’s not allow the Obama Administration or the media to continue framing the debates on American national security and sovereignty.

Let’s not forget our soldiers still fighting this ongoing War on Terror in the battlefields.


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