Its the spending stupid

Tax and spend is clearly not the answer Mr. President

According to an article at  http://www.heritage.org/Research/Factsheets/2011/04/TAXES-ARE-NOT-TOO-LOW-Its-the-Spending-Stupid
the government took in about $2.2 trillion in 2010. Then went ahead and spent $3.5 trillion. Now it doesn’t take a math major to figure out that they are spending more than they take in. It also doesn’t take a brain-surgeon to figure out that you can’t raise taxes enough to make up the $1.3 trillion deficit.

The answers to this and most problems is right in front of our faces. The Constitution. We must educate ourselves and our children about that great document. Our government run indoctrination centers ( Public schools) won’t do it.
A great place to start is by getting a hold of 2 books. First, The 5,000 year leap. This is a great history of how and why our founders came to the choices that they did. Its a easy read and makes it much easier to understand the Constitution. It also explains the 28 fundamental principles that make good constitutional law. This by itself is a great teaching tool. You will be able to download a candidates or congressman’s ideas and proposals and then have your kids apply the 28 fundamental principles to that. If a proposal violates those principles then you must vote no.

Next, The Making Of America. The first half of the book is a brief history of some of the founders and explains just where they were coming from. Where they got some of their ideas and why. Its an amazing piece of writing. Then you come to the second half of the book. This is the heart of the book. It takes you through the constitution line by line and explains it in easy to understand language. It also has most of the explanations in the founders own writings. No spin just the simple truth.
As far as I’m concerned these 2 books should be required reading for every student. Also people like me who didn’t hear this stuff when I was in school. It’s sad that we missed out on this fantastic learning.

The 5,000 year leap
The Making of America

Here’s a link to the National Center of Constitutional Studies. Check it out.


Just sayn…….
“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” –George Washington