Elena Kagan is a genius

or s says Charles Fried, solicitor general under president Reagan and a Harvard Law faculty member since 1961. I read this in an article in the WSJ on April 12, 2010 written by Laura Meckler titled “Grading Kagan as Dean”. Mr Fried credits Ms Kagan with providing free lunch and large tables in the faculty lounge so the faculty could sit and get to know each other better. He said that “it was an absolute stroke of genius”. You can’t make this up. This is a big…….. (insert Joe Biden comments here. ) According to the story, Ms. Kagan also improved student life by providing them with free coffee and free tampons in the ladies’ restrooms. I am not sure if this story was meant to be satire or not but it was sadly funny to me.

Her time as dean of the Harvard Law School is one of the major experiences that “qualifies” her for the SCOTUS according to BHO. Her time at Harvard Law School maybe qualifies her to be a dean at another law school or maybe return to Harvard when she ceases being the Solicitor General. But it hardly qualifies her to sit on the bench of the highest court in the land. Her nomination is an insult to the justices that have served in the past or are now serving. Maybe she can come up with changing the seating in the SCOTUS dining room so they can get to know each other better. Free coffee and tampons are also in order. Who knows, they may get free beer after work.

Message to Senators: Try to keep a straight face during the hearings.