History of Social Legislation

As we talk about repeal and replace of the HCR act I thought it would be helpful to look back at other major social legislation from a congressional support standpoint and compare it to the support of the recently passed bill. I read on another post here that the GOP did not regain control of Congress after Social Security or Medicare was passed for at least a decade which is much after the entitlement was “enjoyed” by the beneficiaries. This effectively made repeal a near impossibility. If we look at the legislative support it also reveals that there was a broad base of support from both Democrats and Republicans even though the Dems were in complete control. I was not around for the Social Security legislation but do remember Medicare. I was in college at the time so my mind was on other things than health insurance for “old” people. I don’t want to bore everyone with data but I do think it it is important look at the record of the votes on this legislation.

Social Security passed the House with 372 Yays, 33 Nays, 25 NV, 2 Present. Dems voted 89% Yay, GOP voted 79% Yay. It passed the Senate with 77 Yays, 6 Nays, 12 NV. Dems voted 81% Yay, GOP voted 64% Yay. The bill was signed into law by FDR on August 14, 1935.

Medicare passed the House with 237 Yays, 166 Nays, 10 NV. Dems voted 81% Yay, GOP voted 50% Yay. It passed the Senate with 70 Yays, 24 Nays, 6 NV. Dems voted 84% Yay, GOP voted 41 % Yay. It was signed into law by LBJ on July 30, 1965. (Harry Truman was the first enrollee.)

HCR passed the Senate (out of order but Senate parliamentary move tacked HCR on previous House bill) with 60 Yays, 39 Nays, 1 NV. Dems voted 100% Yay, GOP voted 0% Yay. It passed the House with 219 Yays, 212 Nays. Dems voted 87 % Yay, GOP voted 0 % Yay. It was signed into law by BHO on March 23, 2010.

The lack of broad based support for the HCR legislation begs for it to be repealed. It is incredible that legislation of this magnitude could be signed into law. The consent of the governed is not present and it seems to be getting less after the bill has been passed. Yes I know that it passed by the “rules”. And yes I will abide by the law as passed. It will also be repealed by the “rules” as well. The most incredible part of all this is that the “elite intellgentsia” believe that they know better than the people what is best for them. How dare they.