Men, you must be silent because you don't have a uterus!

Pro-abortion rights supporters chant at the state Capitol in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday July 2, 2013.  Gov. Rick Perry has called lawmakers back for another special session with abortion on the top of the agenda. (AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman, Jay Janner)
Pro-abortion rights supporters chant at the state Capitol in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday July 2, 2013. Gov. Rick Perry has called lawmakers back for another special session with abortion on the top of the agenda. (AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman, Jay Janner)

With the recent SCOTUS decision throwing out a common sense Texas law, abortion supporters took to social media to display their love for abortion.   If you have ever had the immense privileged of debating an abortion supporter on the issue of abortion then you have probably heard the same worn out talking points over and over.  The arguments for supporting abortion are incredibly weak and driven by emotion and ad hominem attacks rather that logic.  This is to be expected, as finding logical and moral rational for dismembering human being limb from limb or suctioning out the brains of viable human beings is hard to come by.  

One particular talking point that I have seen over and over from those who support the dismembering of human beings in the womb is the fact that men should not be able to have an opinion or any say on the abortion debate.    Anytime a pro-lifer who happens to be male makes an argument against abortion he is immediately reminded that he has male genitalia and should have no say on the issue. This is one of the abortion supporters favorite go to arguments on social media.  Take for example this comment from facebook,
“I still can’t figure out how any man thinks he has a right to speak on this issue, it should never have been political, it’s a woman’s private choice and no else’s business.”
My favorite one that gets right to the point is,
“If you don’t have a uterus then shut up.”
I know what you are thinking, these arguments just make you want to give up and never speak out against the unjust destruction of human life ever again.  They are that good!  At least that is the impression I get from those who use the argument.  They say it as if they have won the argument and all debate is over because we happen to not have a uterus.
However, just like every pro-abortion argument, it is completely flawed in every regard.  Since I see it again and again, I wanted to give a rebuttal so that you can respond to it if you ever encounter it while you debate this most important issue.
1.) A little history will help or just remembering what happened several days ago.
The most ironic thing about this argument is the fact that the laws abortion supporters love the most and in a sense worship have been decided by men.  Take for example, Roe vs Wade.  It was decided by nine men (7-2).  If men are not suppose to have a say on abortion, then lets just throw out Roe vs Wade.  I think this is a great idea.  Although, I suspect that they are OK with these men because they think like them.
It was amazing to hear this argument on Monday when the SCOTUS handed down it decision on the Texas abortion access law. Why you ask?  Simply because the “perennial swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy helped deliver a victory to abortion rights activists.”  Did you catch that?  A man who had an opinion on abortion helped deliver a victory to the abortionist.  Yet, I was told I was not suppose to have an opinion on abortion because I am a man.
So right off the bat, we see that their argument should really be, “if you agree with us speak all you want, but if you do not shut up because we don’t want to hear that we are dismembering human beings.”   They use this argument not because it is a legitimate argument, but because it is a easy way to try and shut down debate.  If you are a man who thinks like them then you are entitled to your opinion, but if not you must remain silent.
2.)  As far as I know arguments don’t have genitalia.
Pointing out that I have a particular genitalia does nothing to discredit the logic of a particular argument that I might bring against abortion. In fact, pro-life women use the exact same argument that men do to argue against abortion.  If pro-abortionist really want to end debate then they need to point out where a particular pro-life arguments fails, not give an anatomy lessons.  They resort to this type of argument because there are no good arguments for supporting such violent acts against innocent human beings.
Another ironic thing about this argument is the fact that many people who support abortion also believe that men and women can switch genders or that there is no real difference between the genders.  These same people believe that Bruce Jenner can be named “Women of the Year.”  So by this logic, not to long ago Bruce Jenner could not have an opinion on abortion, but now since he has made his transition and has been named “Women of the Year” he can feel free to state his opinion.  I wonder, if I decided to switch genders would they believe I should have an opinion on abortion?
3.)  We all know abortion effects more than just women.
This is the worst part about the argument to me.  We have been debating this issue on a daily basis ever since Roe vs Wade and people want to pretend that this does not effect every part of our society, for both men and women.  Yes, I am aware that women are the ones that carry the unborn child for nine months.  Women are amazingly strong both mentally and physically to have to go through what they do during a pregnancy.  Pro-life men in no way diminish what women do or take it lightly.  However, as we all know it takes two to tango and men have as much to do with the existence of the unborn human being as a women does.  Without sperm and egg no one would be here.  If men have an equal part in bringing a child into existence then they should have an equal say in whether or not its existence should be extinguished by a violent procedure like abortion.
Secondly, as men we have mothers, sisters and daughters who are effected by abortion.  It should be our duty as men to protect women from things that would bring them harm either physically or emotionally.  Letting our wives and daughters go into places, like a Kermit Gosnell clinic, is not protecting them.  Women and men all around the world suffer from abortion regret and some women have died during the procedure.  In addition, as men we should be protecting the most vulnerable human beings in our society.  This would certainly include the unborn.  As men we should not be standing ideally by while the unborn are being ripped apart in their mothers wombs. We should be speaking out and doing everything we can to end the taking of innocent life (and I do not mean bombing or shooting up abortion clinics just in case someone puts words in my mouth).
Third, our government gives millions of dollars of tax payer money, which comes from both men and women, to Planned Parenthood who preforms hundreds of thousands of abortions a year.  If our taxes dollars are going to the biggest provider of abortion in the country you better believe I am going to have a say on the issue. I know, many will say that this money does not go to abortion because of the Hyde Amendment which states that this money cannot be used for abortions.  However, by giving an organization millions of dollars every year, it frees up other sources of their money to provide the abortion services.
Lastly, abortion effects us all because it is a human rights issue.  The most important question we need to ask on this issue is, “What are the unborn”.  If the unborn are human from the moment of conception as sciences clearly and unmistakably shows, than every abortion takes the life of an innocent human being.  Abortion is not just a women’s issue because the destruction of our fellow human beings in the name of convenience is morally wrong and dare I say evil.  A society who supports such barbaric acts and even celebrates it, is not a healthy society.    Abortion effects us all and we all know it.
Let me just end by saying what we all knew from the beginning.  The argument that men should have no say in the abortion debate is wrong, illogical and just plain stupid.  Men, do not believe the lie that we do not have any say on this issue.  The safety and lives of our mothers, wives, daughters, and for unborn human beings is to important not to have a say in the matter.