If You Support Trump, You Are Not Serious About Ending Abortion!

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Here is my honest opinion as someone who is pro-life through and through. If you are voting for Trump, you are not serious about ending abortion in this country. Yesterday, Trump was asked again about Planned Parenthood by Sean Hannity in a town hall setting. Once again, he gave the answer that Planned Parenthood does a lot of good things for women, but that he would defund planned parenthood if it does abortion. There have been numerous article written about Trump and his “supposed” change of heart on abortion and his remarks that planned parenthood does “good things.” See here and here for a few examples.

Let me be clear, the fact that Trump would defend Planned Parenthood in any regard is a betrayal of every pro-life person. Let us remember just a few fact before you call me crazy.

The science of embryology clearly shows that human life begins at conception. This means that every abortion takes the life of an innocent human being. This is done in the most violent way possible. In one procedure, unborn human beings are literally torn apart limb from limb in their mothers wombs and then pieced backed together again to insure each and every body part has been removed. In another procedure, a saline injection is given and the unborn human is poisoned and its outer layer of skin is burned off.

Again, each and every abortion takes the life of an innocent human being and it is done in a way that would out compete any of the seven “Saw” horror movies on a scale of violence. Last year, Planned Parenthood made just under $1.3 Billion on 324,000 abortions. They lied about abortions being only 3% of what they do. They lied about the fact that they provided mammograms at their facilities. They were caught encouraging sex selection abortions. The list of horrible things they do and have done could go on and on, including the recent videos showing Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts.

The fact that Trump would defend an organization that lies is a problem. The fact that Trump defends an organization that dismembers unborn human beings should be reprehensible to every sensible pro-lifer in this country. Honestly, it should be reprehensible to any decent human being. Any organization who dismembers, poisons, burns alive, and crushes the skulls of unborn human beings should not be defended in any way. It does not matter how many amazing, wonderful or good things it does. It takes the life of 324,000 humans a year. That should be enough to decide whether or not you defend an organization or not. Case closed!

Trumps supporters might comment that he has said he would defund planned parenthood if President. So what is my problem? Well, what I have written so far (the fact that he is defending an organization that takes the life of 324,000 unborn humans a year) should be a hint that Trump does not understand what being pro-life means in the first place. Secondly, he has stated that his sister would make a “phenomenal” Supreme court justice even though she happens to support partial-birth abortion and opposes a Born-Alive Infant Protection Law. He now conveniently, says he was just joking about wanting to nominate his sister. However, in a previous debate he said he would now nominate Diane Sykes. There is just one problem with Diane Sykes. She wrote the majority opinion in a 2013 Federal Court of Appeals case that ruled that the state of Indiana could not fully defund Planned Parenthood. For someone who says he wants to defund planned parenthood, this is a rather odd choice.

This election will have a tremendous impact on our country. The next President could nominate three to four justices to the Supreme Court. Why would we take the chance of electing someone who does not truly understand what it mean to be pro-life. Why would we elect someone who has said he would nominate justices who have either been radically pro-choice or who have stood in the way of fully defunding Planned Parenthood. We know that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have been consistently pro-life for their entire lives. We would not have to guess or take the chance on the fact that they would appoint justices who would uphold the right to life of unborn human beings. In addition, neither Rubio or Cruz have praised Planned Parenthood for the great things they do.

Others may say I am making to big a deal out of the issue in the first place. Our country needs someone like Trump to “Make America Great Again.” Abortion is just one of those social issues that is to controversial that only fanatics concentrate on. The economy is what we need to focus on anyways and Trump is the man for the job.

William Wilberforce, who fought against slavery in England, once said,

“If to be feelingly alive to the sufferings of my fellow-creatures is to be a fanatic, I am one of the most incurable fanatics ever permitted to be at large.”

Again, abortion violently takes the life of innocent human beings everyday in this country and Planned Parenthood is the nations largest provider of them. How can our country be “great again” when we are not concerned about the fact that we legally allow the death of innocent human beings in our cities all across this country. The economy of our country is certainly important, however, protecting the lives of our most vulnerable members of society should be the highest priority of any society. If that belief makes me a fanatic, then so be it. Like Wilberforce, I hope I am one of the most incurable fanatics ever permitted to be at large for the cause of my fellow human beings, especially the unborn. I hope you will join me as well.

If we are serious about ending abortion, and we should be, then lets not take our chances. Lets get serious about it and stop pretending we care.