Its time to impeach Obama!

It’s Time to Impeach the President!

By Helen Sabin

When Barack Obama was sworn into office, he took an oath to defend and protect the United States of America!  He has done exactly the opposite.

The Constitution of the United States provides for removal of a derelict and dangerous president through impeachment proceedings.   According to this amazing document, the “… President shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, TreasonBribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”  One could argue that Obama engaged in all these crimes!

Dictionary.com defines treason as a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state or

the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith;treachery.

Treason could be argued in terms of his denigration of the United States and his catering to countries that are anti-freedom and anti-American.  Obama gives billions to foreign countries to drill for oil while keeping America in debt through his energy policies which include halting drilling in America thus destroying the livelihoods of many thousands of Americans.  He bows to the Saudi Prince instead of standing tall as the leader of a country that is free.  He also encourages major American companies to move jobs and productivity overseas in order to get tax breaks that loyal companies who remain here can’t get.

Treason could also be argued in that Obama may not be a citizen of the United States.  He has never allowed his passports, social security application, college applications, grades, etc to be viewed by the American public.  He must be made to provide important records and not hide them or that is a breach of faith and treachery and a betrayal of a trust.  He should be disqualified from running for a second term until he proves as John McCain did that he is a citizen.

Treason could also be argued in his gutting of the military.  As Commander in Chief, he is creating a “hollow force” that will function with fewer personnel, fewer weapons systems that help protect the troops, slowed modernization of necessary and life saving equipment and reduced readiness which puts the troops in danger – treasonous behavior and violation of his oath to protect and defend the country and its people.

The analysis by a team of defense experts from the American Enterprise Institute said that the Obama administration is looking at potentially $900 billion in defense cuts over a decade to protect such social entitlement programs as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the health care reform law from serious deficit and debt reduction efforts now under consideration.  He is engaging in an elaborate Ponzi scheme that is detrimental to the military.  In the report, Donnelly and Schmitt point out that former Defense Secretary Robert Gates already had identified $400 billion in cuts. However, Obama signaled that “we’re going to do more” and cut another $400 billion.  The CIC is supposed to protect the troops but under Obama they are being thrown under the bus.  These drastic cuts will leave the men and women of the American military in a precarious position to carry out the duties that we as a nation will ask them to do.

Obama, like Bernie Madoff, is using a Ponzi scheme of accounting gimmicks to claim that he has “paid for” programs he signed into law.   Madoff is in jail for his actions and actually Obama should join him.   Obama strips 900 billion from the military to pay for Medicare, then strips 500 billion from Medicare to pay for Medicaid and then lies when he says he has paid for entitlement programs!  He is proud of this slight- of –hand accounting gimmick while he should be held accountable for improper management of national finances.

Treason could also be argued in the steps President Obama’s appointees are taking to issue amnesties using administrative memos. This will allow thousands of illegal aliens all over the United States to avoid deportation.  Obama is supporting those who break the laws of the United States.  (ICE) officials are being directed to use “prosecutorial discretion,” and refrain from enforcing immigration laws against “non-violent” and “innocent” illegal aliens such as children brought here by their parents.  Allowing Illegals to run free in America is not protecting and defending the sovereignty of the United States.

Abusing resources of the United States to take his wife and all their friends and relatives on jaunts all over the world is fraud and theft from the American taxpayers who have to fund those trips!   Any corporate employee who did this would be fired – the same should hold true for Obama!  Disguising a trip to Africa as the First Lady’s out-reach program is lying pure and simple.  That country didn’t even care enough to send an official other than the prison chief to meet Michelle – perhaps fitting given the rip off the American taxpayer by the Obamas?

Bribery could be argued in terms of the 60 million dollars donated to his campaign by his union buddies and the payoff to them with control of GM – a major American company.  He ignored taxpayers when they objected.

He gave Goldman Sachs $12.9 billion dollars in taxpayer funded money when that group not only didn’t need it but used it to give its employees bonuses of $600,000 while at the same time watching and perhaps laughing when Americans were being tossed out of their homes.  Obama sees America as a pocket book from which to steal with the owner standing by watching helplessly.  Obama has not been a careful steward and for this he should be impeached.

Consider that if a CEO of a major corporation drove his company into debt which cannot be paid for, the company would go broke.  That is exactly what Obama has done to the United States.  Instead of cutting spending, he did the opposite and the ramification of his actions is a possible bankruptcy of this country and a fiscal abyss from which this country may never recover.  The CEO would be fired and so should Obama!   His dereliction of duty and the high crime of loose fiscal restraint and driving this country into bankruptcy is one of the most egregious ever seen.

Under his regime and that of his Democratic, left leaning progressive congress, this country has been turned upside down.  In two and a half years, Barack Obama, the most secretive President we have ever had, along with a left wing progressive Democratic congress, controlled by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and foolish men and women like Barney Frank and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have turned this great country into a fundamental socialist state that is not what was envisioned by the Founding Fathers nor by those who listened to Obama’s mantra of Change and voted for him.

In just two and half years, Obama and his Congressional cronies have increased federal spending over a trillion dollars driving this country toward bankruptcy.  When Barack Obama became president, our national debt stood at $10.6 trillion; now it stands at $14.3 trillion – about a 40 +percent increase. The Congressional Budget Office now projects that debt will equal 100 percent of our GDP in 10 years.    Those who voted for Obama wanted change for the good.  What they got was change that was bad for the country and all Americans.  We are in drowning in debt and about to be washed under a tidal wave of poor credit ratings and possible bankruptcy with no way out.  Obama is bankrupting the country rather than being its careful guardian and he should be impeached!

Obama, lying to the American people and in violation of his oath, told Americans that $850 billion in stimulus spending would create 4 million jobs and prevent unemployment from going over 8 percent.  Today 1.5 million less Americans are working than when Barack Obama became president and unemployment stands at 9.2 percent.  He violated his oath to protect the country and its people.   The results of his “stewardship” clearly demonstrate that he engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors!

He has done more to aggravate the race relations in this country than any President since the civil war.  Getting involved in the brouhaha between a Black professor and a policeman called to see about a possible crime is not the duty of the president.  It is the action of a community organizer who wants to cry racism and cause civil unrest in the country.  That is a misdemeanor in most cases and unseemly behavior that casts doubt on the office of the Presidency.

Criticizing the corporations that provide most of the jobs in the country as evil, greedy capitalists, while sitting next to the President of GE whose company made billions of dollars in profit while paying no taxes to the American treasury is treachery.  So is laughing at the fact that “shovel ready was not really shovel ready.”   This is hypocrisy of the first class and rises to the level of misdemeanors.  Those words and actions could even be considered treasonous.

Obama slaps Americans in the face and defies them to fight back.  It is time to do so.    The book of crimes committed should be thrown at the president in a major smack down.  It is time to impeach Obama.