Norway Like Obama is Failing Its Citizens!

By Helen Sabin


The 85 deaths of adults and children in a summer camp in Norway this past weekend were as much the result of a crazed madman as well as a result of foolish and illogical gun regulations by a socialistic government that doesn’t value its citizens.

This past weekend, Norway totally failed its people.  The shooting on Saturday, July 23, at the children’s camp is a perfect example of why citizens everywhere should have, possess, and know how to use weapons for self defense.  Consider that if adults at the camp or the camp counselors had been permitted access to weapons for self defense purposes, over 80 individuals might still be alive.

Norway, in fact, treats its citizens much like it does its wild game. They are both defenseless. Wild game has no defense against a shooter which is given permission by the country  to hunt, and neither does its people who are given no way to defend themselves against a hunter.  This weekend’s massacre clearly demonstrates that fact.

To own a gun in Norway, one must document a use for the gun.  One would think that self defense, which is why most gun owners in Colorado Springs cite as the reason they own a gun, would be a primary reason to allow a Norwegian to have a gun.  But no!  In this and other socialistic governments such as Canada, Britain and New Zealand, self defense is not a legitimate reason to have a gun.  Almost never is a Norwegian permitted to own a gun for self defense!

To further illustrate the idiotic, illogical, and foolish gun policies of this socialistic government, rifle and shotgun ownership permission can be given to “sober and responsible” persons 18 years or older if hunting and shooting sports are cited as the reason – but not self defense!

Persons under the age of 18, but over 16 may apply for rifle or shotgun ownership license with the consent of parents or guardian. For handguns, however, the lowest ownership age is 21 with no exceptions allowed. Does this make sense to you?


A shotgun is a preferred weapon for home and personal defense. This deadly weapon is easy to use – point, shoot, and pull the trigger!   If you aim at “center of mass,” you will usually hit the target at which you are aiming.  The shot explodes out into a cone shaped pattern impacting anything directly in front of it.  It also damages anything to the sides of the cone shape.


Conversely, a handgun ejects one round at a time and it must fly true straight at its target for it to be effective.  You have one chance with a handgun to hit a target.  You have about 250 chances with a shotgun depending on what size shot shells are employed.

In Norway, you can have a shotgun at 16 but not a handgun.  You can use a gun for hunting but not personal defense.  Where is the logic in that rule?

Then, consider, that in Norway, if you inherit a gun, you must get permission to do so.  The same is NOT true in Colorado. Colorado is an open carry state.   That means that if your grandfather wants to give you a gun in Colorado Springs, he can do so.  The same is not true in Norway! It is up to the local police chief in your area to make a decision about the inherited gun based on the individual facts of the case.

Socialistic countries brainwash their citizens to fear guns.  Not so here in Colorado.   My ancestors came to Colorado in 1903 and all in the family knew how to use a gun.  At eight and ten years old, my father and his older brother were responsible to hunt food for the family.  This was common practice and that is how pioneers lived back then.  They didn’t have to have permission to do so from the local police chief like in Norway, their permission came from the Constitution of the United States and from their parents who trained them to use a gun.

Socialistic Countries like Norway, Canada and Britain restrict citizens’ right to a gun thinking it will prevent gun violence.  It hasn’t and the shooting this weekend proves that fact.  It isn’t the normal every day citizen who engages in gun violence but the criminal.


Think Norway’s policies aren’t stupid?  Then step into the shoes of a terrorized 8 year old at the camp.    As you see this man shoot down two of your friends would you agree that your country’s restrictive gun policies were correct and good for you?  As you lay bleeding on the ground dying from a gunshot wound, would you agree that you should be a defenseless victim?   No, I didn’t think so!