Who Did You Vote For and Why

Who Did You Vote For and Why?

By Colorado Cowgirl


I talked to over one hundred women from the Colorado Springs area as to whom they voted for and why.  Their reasons varied but for at least one half of them, most voted based on misinformation and/or their emotions.  OK, this is America.  You are entitled to your own opinion and emotions, but not your own “facts.”  A fact is something that can be proven in actuality – a piece of information having objective reality.  Am I crazy or does reality (i.e. facts) seem to be missing in some of these reasons below?


Sue L:  I voted for Bennett.  I didn’t like Ken Buck.  He was going to up my taxes 23 %.  I saw it on TV.


Mary A:  Ken Buck was going to destroy my social security checks by making me invest in the stock market.  I heard this in a debate.


Lakisha M:  Hickenlooper owns the restaurant where my husband works and he said I have to vote for him.


Margery J – Peyton:  Let me tell you about medical marijuana and Tom Tancredo:  It’s dangerous.  Kids as young as 6 can go into a store and buy any amount they want.  A guy who lives three doors away smokes it.  How do I know?  I can smell it.  I don’t want that shit here in my area – they can keep it in the Springs! I am voting for Hickenlooper as Tancredo wants marijuana everywhere.


Jody K:  I need healthcare.  I have three kids and their daddy is in prison.  Ken Buck said he doesn’t believe in women getting abortions.  If I got pregnant again, I couldn’t afford to have the kid – I would have to go to a clinic or something to have it delivered. When asked how she could get pregnant with her husband in prison she replied, “Well you know I get lonely at times and sometimes I just don’t use my head or a condom.”


Marilyn L:  I like Obama and all he stands for.  If he gets his way, he will give us all jobs that we can do and money for doing them.  That’s why I voted Democratic.  I can quit my lousy waitressing job and get a real job from Obama.


Norisha F:  I liked Bennett – he is cute!  That’s how I pick them – from their looks.  Yeah Buck is cute too but he wears cowboy boots.


Melinda H – Tri Lakes area:  I studied the issues really hard and chose Bennett because he has two kids and won’t do anything to harm them. 


Jerri M: I am illegal and Obama he will allow us to get health care and social security so I voted Democratic.  I don’t like that Ken Buck guy – he too mean. 


Margot B:  I was going to vote for Dan Maes until I heard he is against abortion.  So I chose Hickenlooper instead.  I have had three abortions and want access to them.  That Tom guy – he’s weird.


Averie R:  I won’t vote for a woman.  I wish I lived in Florida – I would have voted for that Rubio – now there’s a smart man.  Yeah he is Mexican like me and a Democrat!  Their governor – the white haired guy is a Republican.  I don’t like Republicans.  They don’t let women have abortions or pay for their mortgages like Democrats do. 


Gloria M: I want my government to take care of me.  I have to work real hard to keep my head above water.  If the GOP gets in, my taxes will go up.  No the Democrats aren’t going to raise taxes in January – that’s a lie. 


Jamie P: I am a student and need my college loans.  When Michelle came and said that Republicans will take students loans away and put them in the free market, I decided I couldn’t afford to go to school, so I want the government to pay me to do so instead.


Chris F:  As a woman, it matters to me whether candidates want to impose their values on my body.  I want to leave my son a health planet and vibrant democracy. 

Suzy S: I voted a bit both ways. I don’t vote strictly one party or another. I vote based on how much of an idiot the candidate is.