This Is Not The Time To Mourn

This is not the time to mourn our Nation because 219 feckless Democrat Socialists ignored the will of the people and rammed the abomination called “Obamacare” down our throats.  It is not the time to mourn the legislative process which was abused and torn asunder in an effort to satisfy the interests of a few special interests.  This is not the time to mourn the Presidency which has turned “Hope” and “Change” into demagoguery and theft.  This is not a time to mourn.  It is a time to rally!


            No amount of blogging, talking or editorializing will reverse the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Healthcare disaster.  Democrats in Congress and the White House understand only one thing, power.  Democrats in Congress have shown that polls, reason nor threat of financial ruin will keep them from their self-appointed destiny with economic disaster.  It will take a first class, titanic and unmistakable whipping in November to convey the message that the American taxpayer has had enough. 


            Of course, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama have taken this into their calculations.  They knew that they would lose some seats to Republicans.  They don’t anticipate losing control of Congress and they sure don’t anticipate losing enough seats to provide for a veto proof Republican majority in both houses of Congress.  But the electoral whipping is coming.


            It is now time for patriots in both political parties and among independents to rise to the call for action.  If you were ever looking for a cause that would thrust you into the shoes of our founding fathers, you have found it.  Your personal wealth will be taken to be given to others.  Your tax dollars will be used to terminate the lives of thousands of defenseless babies.  Your freedom to choose whether you will have insurance and what kind of insurance will be taken away.  You will pay thousands more in taxes at the state level because of unfunded Federal mandates.  You will watch unemployment numbers stagnate as employers shift more jobs overseas.


            History has been littered with countless despots who failed to listen to the people and trod upon their rights and freedoms.  Many a heralded despot, from Charles I to Julius Caesar lived to see the grievances of the masses addressed.  History has shown us that no one man or political party is above the law or the people.  One can almost hear King George III assuring the leadership of the British Parliament that the colonists will never rise up, never put forth their grievances and will bend to the power of the Crown.  Oh, how surprised he must have been when word reached him of Lexington and Concord.  The same level of surprise awaits King Barack, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid.

For sure, there will be no bloodshed, but the terrible consequences of an alarmed electorate will be felt.


            What should a patriot do at this point?  There is much to do!  First, you must become fully engaged in the political process.  You must identify good conservative candidates who are committed to reversing this erosion of our freedom and liberties.  You must work to elect those candidates.  This work will require letter writing, rallying, going door to door, putting up yard signs and helping to raise money.  A dedicated effort will elect people who will repeal this disjointed assault on our economy.  Next, you must let all media outlets know about your anger.  Advertisers must know that if they support media who distort the truth or cover up the shenanigans of the liberal left, you will do business elsewhere.  Finally, you must develop the attitude and spirit of our patriotic founding fathers.  Nothing could muzzle the voices of the oppressed.  Nothing could keep free men from assembling.  Nothing could keep them from exercising their Constitutional rights.  You must be totally committed to freedom and the preservation of our way of life.


            Countless men and women have made sacrifices over the years to preserve our country and our freedoms.  Do you believe that the patriots who rallied at the old North Bridge did so to protect Pelosi’s Louisiana purchase or the Cornhusker kickback?  Did brave men storm Iwo Jima so that appointments could be traded for votes, so that millions of Federal dollars could be traded for votes or so procedure and process could be ignored to force passage of a bill that 75% of the American people did not support?  The answer is not only no, but hell no.


            I ask those freedom loving Americans who share the dream of peace and prosperity, who revere the freedoms set forth by the Bill of Rights, who believe that government should be of the people and for the people and who believe that over 200 years of the rule of law should not be trashed to join with me in rising up to fight the attempted destruction of all that we hold sacred and to do so by making the same commitment as the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.  We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor!  We owe this to our children and grandchildren and to those who have sacrificed so much over the years to preserve our freedom.