Senator "Sellout" Ben Nelson (D-NE)

Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) obtained a deal for the state of Nebraska in the Senate’s version of Health Scare Reform. The deal is that, unlike the other 49 states, the federal government will pick up the entire tab for all new Medicare patients in Nebraska forever.

I stand with those that say this violates the equal protection clause in the Constitution. I don’t live in Nebraska. My taxes will therefore pay the entire cost for Nebraska plus the state matching cost required for Texas.

Also, Nelson championed himself as a pro-life advocate. He claims he reached a compromise on this issue, but no credible pro-life organization finds this “compromise” acceptable.

Democrats will claim they had to do all of this back room dealing because of the archaic Senate rules that require 60 votes to prevent a filibuster. Well, so be it. They don’t like the rule now, but when they return to minority status in the future (as they will), do they really want 51 to be the magic number for Republicans? I think not.

The freakish mandate in the Senate version that forces citizens to buy insurance can’t be any more constitutional than the Nebraska deal. I will be commenting on that again soon.

As far as Nelson is concerned, he needs to be thrown out with the garbage as soon as Nebraskans get the chance.

I join with those who are calling for an investigation into the back room deal he made. Perhaps there is more to the story than we know. Was Nelson threatened in some way?

Wasn’t this type of negotiation supposed to be broadcast on C-Span? I didn’t see it.

Americans thank the Democrat party for the coal in our stockings this Christmas. We will be returning the favor in November.

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