Genesis Chapter 1: Health Care Style

In the beginning of the 111th Congress, We, the People created the Democrat Congress and the Democrat Presidency.

And the Presidency was without nicorette, and bumming; and darkness was upon the face of his visage. And the spirit of Obama moved upon the Speaker from San Francisco.

And Obama said, “Let there be health care.” And there was health care the Senate Bill.

And Obama saw the Senate Bill, that it was “aw-ite.”

And the Democrat House Prochoice Caucus called the Senate Bill “aw-FUL” and the House Bill “murderously delightful.” And the Senate Bill and the House Bill were the First Act.

And the People of Massachusetts said, “Let there be a 60th Senator in the midst of the Senate, and let it divide the cloture from the filibuster.”

And the People of Massachusetts made the Senator Brown, and divided the cloture from the senators which were above the filibuster: and it was so.

And the People of Massachusetts called the 41st vote Heaven. And the end of the Democrat Senate supermajority and the cloture were the Second Act.

And the Speaker from San Francisco said, “Let the Senate Bill under the House Bill be gathered together unto one piece of legislation, and let The Great One’s signature appear upon it: and it was so

And the Speaker called the Democrat House Prochoice Caucus and told them to keep their mouths shut; and the gathering together of the votes called she Whipping: and the Speaker saw that it was good a hard face lift.

And Stupak da Yooper said, “Let the pro-life Democrats bring forth opposition, the Blue Dogs yielding to life, and the angry constituent phone calls and emails yielding to fruit after its kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the Congress, and it was so.

And the People brought forth angry constitutent phone calls, and emails yielding results after their kind, and the phone tree yielding busy signals: and the Democrats in at-risk districts saw that it was good bad.

And the Hard Lift and Stupak Dozen were the Third Act.

And Deb “The Wasserlady” Schultz said, “Let there be lights shown upon this Senate Bill, that it actually isn’t antichoice, that it in fact, is neutral on the subject;” to divide the steam from the ears of the silently stewing Democrat House Prochoice Caucus, and to divide the dandruff from the heads of the Blue Dogs as they scratched their heads in wonderment at this characterization.

And the Speaker from San Francisco said, “Let their be budgetary savings for seasons, and for days, and years.”

And the CBO said the Medicare fix makes it red.

And the Speaker met with Stupak da Yooper, which made the Democrat House Prochoice Caucus sore afraid. And the Honorable DeGe(nere)tte Feminazi from Colorado said, “Let our Prochoice Caucus bring forth the living rage after our kind, cattle, and creepy thing, and beast of the Congress after our kind, to march to the Speaker’s Office in a huff: and it was so.

And Stupak da Yooper held a press conference Saturday morning, and said:


Inspiration for this came from the KJV of the first verses of the Bible, with no disrespect intended.

This is what happens when the unstoppable force of Obama’s narcissistic man-child will meets the immovable object of the Holy Prochoice Grail of Democrat orthodoxy: