On Perissodactyls

Since talking about 2012 is good enough for Governor Romney, I will take a moment to comment on it. I agree with Governor Romney that we conservative activists should not run third party candidates in 2012. Does he agree that the Republican Party should not pre-ordain or annoint our nominee before the primaries are over?

In 2008, we campaigned for consistent conservatives like Governor Huckabee* and Senator Thompson.** When Senator McCain became the nominee, we bit the bullet and pulled the lever for the moderate. If the RINOcrat party apparatus guides yet another endangered species from the Perissodactyla order*** to victory, then Romney is really asking a lot. It is asking even more for us to vote for him. And it is almost certainly asking too much of us to work for his victory.

Governor Romney**** says the result of a third party challenge would be "divide and fail." So would nominating a Perissodactyl.

*"Huck PAC will support Republican candidates who are passionate advocates for tax reform, a strong national defense, real border security, life, the family, less government, and individual liberty."

**"The “Big Tent” analogy isn’t the correct one …the correct one is a magnet…we need to be a magnet that draws these independents in who are sick and tired of what’s going on in Washington."

***of the Rhinocerotidae family

****"We’re a ‘Big Tent’ party."