Rand Paul endorsed and JD Hayworth not endorsed: Food for Thought

Rand Paul

On the issue of partial birth abortion:

Bill Johnson and Trey Grayson, opponents of Rand Paul in the upcoming Republican primary, issued a joint press release noting that Paul has previously said he “probably” would have supported a federal ban on partial birth abortion. “There’s no ‘probably’ when it comes to the issue of partial birth abortion among Kentucky pro-life activists,” said Grayson.

Kentucky Right to Life endorsed one of Rand Paul’s opponents here.

On the truther issue:

When pressed by the Louisville Courier-Journal if he agreed or disagreed with Hightower’s belief that the United States government was responsible for the attacks on September 11th, Rand Paul’s campaign said it was a “complicated situation” with “truth on both sides” [emphasis added].

J.D. Hayworth

On the birther issue:

“Barack Obama’s the 44th president of the United States. His election was certified. I believe he was born in Hawaii.”–Former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ)

On the conservative issue:

American Conservative Union: Hayworth has a 97.56 lifetime rating; McCain has a 63 current rating.

On the abortion issue:

The National Right to Life Committee:  McCain is pro-life on 37 of 48 (77%) scored issues (click on “votes,” then “more key votes”). Hayworth earned a 100% rating (11 of 11) during his most recent term in Congress (the 109th).


I hope that those who have endorsed Rand Paul will return at least to neutrality in the primary, with support of the Republican heading into November. Additionally, I hope that with such a clear contrast between a moderate, establishment Republican and a true conservative in Arizona, those who are currently neutral will make clear their support.