That’s the over-under prediction I’m making on Rasmussen’s presidential approval index, which is a 3-day rolling average. It is currently (as of 2-25-09) -15. I’m predicting it will hit -20 on one of the next three days (today, tomorrow, and/or Sunday). With the sole exception of 12-22-09, this will be an all-time low for him, by the way. I have never been madder at the President and his party than I am now after having watched that stunning display of arrogance and raw power, not to mention the hypocrisy of pushing forward starting Monday with reconciliation after having a parade of Democrats speak out against it back in 2005.

Today’s index comes out in about an hour from now. Note that it will creep steadily worse with each passing day until it hits -20 on or before Sunday. I wonder how many Congressional seats each additional negative point translates into?

Please don’t throw us into the briar reconciliation patch, Mr. President. Please.

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