Conservative Anger, Third Party Suicide, and Romney

The following link takes you to a transcript of Rush Limbaugh. He describes with exceptional eloquence our justifiable anger as conservatives and how it might lead to irrational friendly fire on the only friends we have in Washington DC–the Republicans. Taken to an extreme, we go Third Party in 2010 and 2012 only if we want continued Democrat control of Congress and the White House.

He also properly indicts Romney for endorsing RINO McCain. This is standard, traditional, establishment I-do-for-you-and-you-do-for-me bullcrap. We all know and remember how fabulously those two got along just two years ago (not!). I hope it is just as obvious to you as it is to Rush Limbaugh and me that Romney is doing this with an eye to securing McCain’s endorsement in 2012. If Romney just shot himself in the foot with his endorsement of McCain, then certainly the return favor in 2012 of McCain’s endorsement of Romney would finish the job of killing Romney’s presidential ambitions, at least as far as the conservative tea party base is concerned.

Just another piece of evidence that Romney will say whatever he has to say or do to achieve whatever political office he aspires to at the moment. Don’t make us conservatives have to hold our noses for two presidential elections in a row!