Contract From America

I went to check this out, and it gave me a list of about 20 issues to choose 10 as most important, and the ones with the most votes would form a contract to give to Congress on April 15, 2010. However, none of the issues had anything to do with life. I understand that apparently if you didn’t sponsor this website, your issue doesn’t get to be voted on, but still, to not even be able to vote for makes this effort misleading as a definitive representation of what the American tea party movement wants. When I went to provide feedback to complain about this and let them know I would not be signing the contract, it would not let me because it kept saying that I was entering the captcha incorrectly. I gave up after six tries of six different captcha combinations. So hopefully someone from that site reads this and knows why they never get any media or other types of inquiries–an overzealous captcha program and a list of choices that does not address some of the most fundamental problems facing America today.