Conservatism vs. Extremism


It’s OK to have a debate about which policies would best prevent another 9/11-style terrorist attack. It’s NOT OK to say, "Bush knew."


It’s OK to highlight the woefully inadequate resume of a presidential candidate as you make the case against his (re)election (e.g., Obama’s limited political experience and zero experience running a business). It’s NOT OK to pursue a political dead end with an agenda that represents at its best irrational xenophobia and at its worst racism that detracts from our conservative mission.


It’s OK to have a debate about the role government should or should not play in the definition and recognition of marriage. If the people decide that government should play a role, it is also OK to debate whether that role should be federalized or "reserved to the States respectively" (U.S. Constitution Amendment X). It’s NOT OK to do THIS:

Here is a common sense reaction from Jeffrey LaPorte, Operation Iraqi Freedom war veteran (I am not he, nor do I know him):

The link to the CPAC co-sponsor in question is: http://goproud.org/