Tea party and Republicans


I have read a few things lately where some Senate Republicans are not as crazy about the tea party as they once were. This got me thinking about the mentality of a lot of the men and women who (supposedly) represent us. Both parties have their list of demographics that they can pull from to try and get elected, because elections are all about demographics.

Somehow Republicans now want a free pass for slating tea partiers to be part of their demographics, not so fast my friend. From most of the people I know involved in the tea parties or active members of a local tea party it’s not as much R’s or D’s but about conservative values and getting the country back in the hands of the people. A lot of what I hear is about being represented and not ruled. We are a free people and we want to stay that way. It’s what our fore fathers wanted for themselves and our country. In a way it is our inheritance from them and all who came after them, this gift of freedom.

If I were running for office I wouldn’t take anything for granted. I know for myself from this day forward no one gets a free pass based on the letter next to his/her name. My recommendation would be to put up or shut up. So if you are going to talk the talk you better be prepared to walk the walk or we will be asking you to walk away.

And while I am on the subject, how come the women are coming out strong and the men are no where to be found when it comes to principals and beliefs? Come on guys man up and represent your party and your supposed beliefs. This will win elections, not hollow speeches and sentimental references to President Reagan. We know where he stood; we need to know where you stand, if at all.

At least that is where I stand on things.

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