Hollywood Delenda Est

I wanted to see the new movie “Thor”.  I’m excited about comic-book movies nowadays, much more than fifteen years ago, when they were the hit-or-miss-but-mostly-miss kind of fare you dreaded to see adapted to the silver screen.

But I didn’t see “Thor”.  And I probably won’t.   Why?

Because I realized how much Hollywood hates me.   They hate me for who I am.  They hate my religious and political beliefs, and regardless of how much politically-neutral fare that comes out, I’ll still be giving money to an engine that will churn out movies and TV shows that will readily take shots at me every time. That’s like paying someone to call me a racial or ethnic slur to my face.  Why would I do that?  Just read this article from the Politico: HBO is coming out with new shows ready to ding conservatives.  People want to complain about the left-wing garbage in popular culture, but the most anyone wants to do about it is complain.  I have a better idea.

Destroy them.

What do I mean?  I mean hurt them financially.  They won’t listen to a bunch of conservatives complaining, but they will listen to falling revenue.  So stop buying DVDs.  Stop going to the movies.  Stop ordering cable or just go with basic internet.  And if Hollywood throws you a bone or two, refuse to settle for it.  Most of this is easier said than done, I know, particularly if you have kids or if you, like me, promised you would take someone to see a movie.  Maybe your business needs it or you just like to get away from it all once in a while.  I get it.  I’m not saying we should all go chuck our TVs and DVD players out of the window just yet.

But I think we need to start taking radical steps and they might be baby steps.  See if your provider offers internet-only or, at a minimum, just get Netflix.  But don’t settle for anything less than total and complete annihilation.  The system in place refuses to change; so we must change it.  The only way to do that is to destroy it first, then rebuild it.  Popular culture influences the country in ways we don’t always see, but sometimes it does it in painfully obvious ways.  Saturday Night Live parodies of Sarah Palin proved that.

Hollywood 2012 is doing anything it can to keep their emperor with no clothes in place, and that includes tearing you down.

Make them pay for it.