RightNetwork Is the Latest Warning Shot to the MSM

Long ago, Matt Drudge fired the first warning shot to mainstream media.  Sure, there had been plenty of others who had criticized the liberal bent of the MSM, but none got as much attention as Matt Drudge did back in 1998 with the breaking Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Since then, dozens of bloggers and media mavens have graced the web with their incisive commentary on the state of the media.  Andrew Breitbart fired another salvo of warning shots with the break of the ACORN scandal and his “Big” breitbart.com sites.

RightNetwork is just the latest shot being fired by those who have had enough of liberals having all of the fun.  Time will tell if this venture becomes a “USA Network” or go the way of the dodo.  But I guarantee it won’t be the last time someone pitches a right-leaning network.  The MSM need to start waking up.