Moderates and Independents - The Faux Intelligentsia

Liberals never seem to be shy about their intentions.  Conservatives always know what liberals really mean, but too often it’s the “moderates” and “independents” who are the clueless ones.  For example, whenever I bring up Rush Limbaugh to a certain group of people, they immediately point out his past prescription painkiller addiction and write him off as a demagogue.  Mind you, they never actually listen to him, they just assume they are so intelligent that somehow they must know more than him since he got hooked on painkillers.

These are usually the kind pf people that you can point out the socialism coming to America and they write it off as exaggeration, a minor nuisance, or just flat out lies.  There are the kind of people who never read a book on a subject, but will try and explain to you their position on it.  Forgive me, but if you don’t study the material or read up on something, how in the world can you possibly argue on it?

Frankly, I think anyone that calls themselves a moderate or independent is really just a misinformed person convincing himself he is intelligent by thinking he is “open-minded”.

Why am I saying this?  Because we need to reach those people.

These are the people who need the wake-up call and we need to wake them up.  We need to educate them on what is at stake by engaging them.  I’m not 100% sure how, but it needs to be done.  It worked on me.

Any ideas?