Defeating the Dems - A New Strategy

To be honest, I’m certain what I am about to say is not “new”, but something that needs to be said.  It’s all well and good by try9ing to defeat the Democratic Party at the ballot box.  But there is a problem, an insidious one that will prevent them from realizing the full force of their hubris: the Media.

The Media has covered for the Democratic Party in more ways and in more years than countable.  They have repeatedly shilled for the President and his cronies on every occasion, to the point where it is almost a given among conservatives that they will do so.  Case in point, the alleged racial slurs yelled at the Tea Party gathering outside of the Capitol.  Even Fox News, not exactly an ally to the Commander-in-Chief, reported on such slurs without proof.

Such actions by the Media leave an indelible impression on those who have yet to be convinced of the conservative cause.  Every single swing opinion sways with the winds of the message-shaper and the Media is shaping the message.  All the while conservatives play on the defensive or react with boycotts or avoidance.  I say no more.

When your enemy goes to ground, you leave him no ground to go to.  Sun Tzu said that and conservatives should too.  What am I advocating?  The President and his allies can always depend on the Media to back their play and give them cover.  I say we attack that cover mercilessly.  And when I mean the Media I include Hollywood in that cabal.  We go after them and their profits.  I mean without pity.  Responsibly, but without pity.  We highlight every liar and yell it from the stands.   We scrape money for ads listing certain journalists as liars and incompetents.

What I really think would get he ball rolling is a month-long TV documentary/special on media bias.  Some enterprising wealthy conservative could bankroll it.  Yes, it would not be a death blow to the Media, but it will get people to think.  The most dangerous thing for a lot of these liberals is someone questioning their integrity and judgment.  By highlighting and calling out specific instances of bias in a prolonged TV media format, people will not be able to avoid talking about it.

In short, the Media has changed the landscape to the point where “conservative” is a four-letter word.  It’s time to change that.  And when liberals’ cover weaken, it’ll be easier to defeat them at the ballot.