No One “Gets Along” With His Own Demise: Why 2010 Must Be The Year Of Misbehaving

In the last week, we heard Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) lamely invoke the words of Rodney King in imploring the GOP and Democrats to “get along” to pass the so-called health care reform. This sounds like a great idea. Who doesn’t want to get along and work together? Who could be against that? I’ll tell you: me. Not because I have an aversion to working together, but because I disagree with the definition of getting along that too many liberals subscribe to. In the words of the great sage and master swordsman Inigo Montoya from the film The Princess Bride, I do not think those words mean what you think they mean, Senator Reid.

Those who don’t like to give it much thought (read: most lefties) seek to tell others they disagree with to “get along” for the sake of unity. In reality, it is merely a ploy to bring others into compliance with their ideas, no matter how boneheaded.  Getting along really means acquiescence, giving up, letting the other guy have their win while conservatives choke down defeat and more moronic government tripe. Most liberals who tell me that we should all get along never understand the fundamental difference between the liberal and conservative ideologies. Indeed, the plea to “get along” prevents actual thought and thus allows the liberal to not fully explore the intricacies of the issues or the reason why the conservative thinks the way he thinks.

Ultimately, this points to the reason why the “getting along” is nothing more than an empty juvenile exhortation. Getting the mouse to go along with being dinner for the snake prevents the snake from actually having to work for his food and expend any effort in trying to feed. Same goes for liberals: getting along means never having to explain why their plan will work. It means never having to answer the question, “Why?”

This is why 2010 must be the Year of Misbehaving.  Not by being rude and crass like the left, but by not “getting along”, by not being afraid to be the opposition just because the other side does not want work for their supper.  The Tea Partiers showed that they could “misbehave”.  They made sure that Congress and the President heard their opposition.  However, the GOP still seem tone deaf at times.  2010 must be the year they start ear-training.

In the sci-fi film Serenity, Captain Mal Reynolds learns of the terrible secret that the government seeks to keep quiet.  He refuses to let them be silent or silence others when he knows what’s at stake.  Understanding this, he remarks to his crew, “I aim to misbehave”.

Aye aye, Captain.