Hypocrisy is expensive

This is something that was forwarded to me in an email.  I think everyone who visits this site on a regular basis will find this to be a good read.  The attachment was titled, “Our ‘Queen.'”

“Newt Gingrich, a Republican, served in the House from  Georgia  from 1978 and as House Minority Whip in 1989. He was Speaker of the House from 1995 to 1999.

During that time he never made use of military aircraft.

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California, is current Speaker of the House. The Pentagon provides the House speaker with an Air Force plane large enough to accommodate her staff, family, supporters, and members of the  California  delegation when she travels around the country. But, Pelosi wanted routine access to a larger plane. It includes 42 business class seats, a fully-enclosed state room, an entertainment center, a private bed, state-of-the-art communications system, and a crew of 16. Pelosi wanted “carte blanche for an aircraft any time,” including weekend trips home to San Francisco. Pretty nice but very expensive perk!