Blogging to Win in November

As with any election, this year’s will be determined largely by that 10% of undecided/independent voters. Also, judging from recent polls it seems as though a decent amount of Hillary Clinton’s 18 million primary votes will be up for grabs in critical battleground states like PA, OH and MI. I think there’s a real opportunity to get some of these folks to cast their ballots for John McCain. Many of Hillary’s voters simply don’t share Sen. Obama’s values, as Mark Penn noted. Recall his comments about rural PA voters at a fundraiser in Nancy Pelosi’s hometown. How can conservative bloggers target these two important groups to advance the Republican message? Make posts on independent blogs? Which blogs?

Join Facebook Groups like this and this?

Hillary Clinton Supporters for McCain

What are some other sites to post on and circulate, particular to target independent voters?

Hope is Not A Foreign Policy