Daniels, Unions, and Absent Legislators Score a Victory For The Left.

Well, Governor Daniels was too timid to follow in the footsteps of real conservative leaders like Walker of WI and Christie of NJ.  According to Fox News, Indiana Right to Work is dead in Indiana.

Despite the hard work of a majority of representatives and senators in Indiana’s general assembly, and despite the promises made on the campaign trail, the conservatives in the capitol have had to cave in because of a lack of support from the Governor’s office.

Daniels cowardly response says it all.

“I thought there was a better time and place to have this very important and legitimate issue raised,” Daniels said.

What time?  What place?  The issue was not only raised democraticaly, it was the end result of months of work.  Better yet, the issue came to the fore during the current anti-union climate sweeping the country because of the principled stand of Governor Walker in MN.

And now the democrats, union thugs, and lefty press are raising their glasses to Governor Mitch Daniels – hero of private sector unions everywhere.

I wonder if those who still blindly support a Mitch Daniels campaign for president are raising their glasses in a toast too?