NationalJournal.com; Prank Article or Serious?

As a geek hobby I follow US Senate election races.  I’ve thought of setting up a blog about the subject, and spend many hours each week looking at polls and reading whatever I can find about each race.  That’s why I followed a link at RealClearPolitics.com to an article at NationalJournal.com about two upcoming races.  (It’s here if you want to read it).

What I read was so funny I thought it was a prank.  I noticed a few comments that said similar things (such as “You can’t be serious”) and decided to add my own two cents.  By the time my comment went up, the other comments had been deleted by National Journal!  They must have gotten a lot of comments about how the article wasn’t serious, or had to be a prank.

And what did the article have to say?  It posits that the president needs to get Kaine to run in Virginia and Napolitano in Arizona.  The premise is that the president could raid senators for cabinet level positions when the senate was heavily democrat in 2008, but now must send some cabinet secretaries back with senate control so narrow.

Wow!  Just wow!  As I continued to watch comments getting deleted, I wondered if the National Journal would drop the article, edit it, or just continue to let the joke go on.  My own comment was butchered into a run-on paragraph without spaces to make it un-readable, and at the rate the site is erasing comments I expect mine to disapear soon as well.

For those of you (like the author of the article) who don’t follow senate races much, here’s a primer.

There are many reasons republicans would love to see Kaine run.  Several of those reasons are listed in the links at the end of Moe Lane’s article http://www.redstate.com/moe_lane/2011/02/09/jimmy-webb-d-va-cuts-and-runs/  There is no chance for Kaine in VA, and I won’t add to Moe’s already excellent points.

Napolitano left her state in a fiscal mess, and would not have won a third term.  She has made several Saturday Night Live level gaffes on a near weekly basis, though the most famous may still be “The system worked”.  She said this after the DHS allowed a terrorist on a plane, and it took a Danish passenger to dis-arm that terrorist. 

Her gaffes even rub off on others!  She was sitting next to our “incredible” director of intelligence Clapper during an infamous interview where it became clear that he wasn’t aware of a major round-up of terrorists in London (yes, the same bufoon that predicted the Egyptian president was going to step down hours before that president said he was doing no such thing).

Perhaps National Journal will push for DCI Clapper to run for senate too!

At any rate, there are polls of several hypothetical match-ups out there that include Kaine in VA and Napalitano in AZ.  For obvious reasons, the author didn’t go there.

Opinions are just opinions and National Journal is entitled to their own.  But sometimes an opinion can be so far from reality that it is either poorly researched or folks are going to think the article is an actual joke.  If the comment deletions (and the comments I read were respectful, albeit asking if the article was real or a joke) are because the site doesn’t want to let the secret out that a prank is afoot, then the deletions take away from the humor.  I’m starting to think that the National Journal ran a poor article, and is thin-skinned about the laughs at their expense.

The column series is called “Against the grain”.  Well, I think they’ve got that part right.