Republicans Score Big in Indiana!

Lost during the news of the IL and FL primaries was a major news leak in the state of Indiana.  Conservatives, recently sent reeling when conservative leader and congressman Mike Pence announced he would not run against Sen. Bayh, have received news that has energized the base.  Former Senator Dan Coates has decided to come out of retirement and run for the Bayh seat.

Not only is Bayh a respected conservative, but he is a respected name in Indiana politics.  There can be only two paths now – 1) Coates wins, defeating a candidate who talks moderate at home but supports the DC liberal agenda, or 2) Coates causes the democrat party to shift critical funds and resources to Indiana that could be used to protect vulnerable seats elsewhere.  More and more, the dems are being spread thin nationwide. 

Dan is a winner whenever he runs.  Bayh took the seat that Dan held only when Dan retired.  Dan went on to become ambassador to Germany under President Bush.  Dan is both a fiscal and social conservative,

News of the Coates move is here.

Want to contribute?  I tried to get contribution information, and here’s what I’ve found out.  The NRSC has nothing on Dan until he formaly announces (according to a staffer I reached).  The Indiana GOP had nothing yet, but they referred me to the Indiana Family Institute, where Dan has several friends that have just received word of the campaign (about 10:30 last night) themselves.  Word is that Dan is currently in the mode of collecting signatures needed to get him on the ballot.  Once that is accomplished, I’ll get an update as to a web page and where to send contributions.

For now, if you live in Indiana, contact your local party HQ to sign the petition to get Dan on the ballot.  As soon as that hurdle is completed (there should be no problems there), a web page and contribution link will be forthcoming.

2010 is looking better and better!