Fire NY GOP Chair Ed Cox

The leaders of the the NRCC blew it.  Instead of supporting a conservative republican in a district that was winnable for a conservative, they supported a “republican” that was…

1. more liberal than the conservative republican (who led in a 3 way race), and

2. more liberal than even the democrat she faced.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, after she dropped out she threw her support behind the democrat and NOT the republican that was beating her.  This, AFTER she received $900,000 in support from the GOP.

Not mad yet?  Read what the chair of the NY GOP said after Ms. Scozzafava dropped out.

“As Election Day approaches, it is critical that we come together to elect a candidate who will fight the damaging policies of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership in Congress. Doug Hoffman is a Republican who has pledged to protect the taxpayer and support policies that will turn our economy around. With unemployment in the North Country in double digits and hard-working people being burdened by the excesses of government, the people of the 23rd District need that Republican representation now more than ever. That must be our focus in the final days of this campaign.

Dede Scozzafava has placed her Party and her principles over politics and position for years. For those who know her, her actions today come as no surprise because they show real leadership. It is testament to her character and strength under difficult circumstances. Throughout her career, she has built a record of standing up for the people of the North County. This move demonstrates her commitment to ensuring that those people have a Republican, fiscally conservative voice in Congress. As an elected official that has been her driving force and she will continue to serve her constituents and all New Yorkers with great distinction for many years to come.

So yes, we need to fire the national leadership for failing us and Mr. Hoffman so badly in the race.  But we need to look at the state leadership too.  Their cluelessness was evident as recently as only a few hours ago.

Will the NRSC be as dense with the Florida race?  Should some firings happen there too?  Stay tuned.

While you’re at it, send a message.  Send as much as you can to candidates who need our help – but not a penny to the groups that waste our money on losing, liberal candidates (such as the NRCC and the NY-GOP).  Obama and the current congress are digging themselves into a hole, but the GOP leadership is doing everything they can to snatch defeat from victory.  We need conservative leadership for this party to win in 2010 and 2012.  Let’s leave losing and liberalism to the democrats, ok?